[RIDES] Tom’s 2015 Corvette Atlantic Convertible


[RIDES] Tom's 2015 Corvette Atlantic Convertible

In 2015 Chevy offered the Atlantic Design Package for the Corvette, a “check-the-box” feature which set up the Stingray as a luxurious gran touring convertible. Due to a number of factors, the car never got a real chance and the order date came and went with little notice from customers who were going crazy over the just launched 2015 Corvette Z06.

Instead of telling you how this story ends, we’ll turn this into a RIDES post as I hand the mic over to Tom R of Pennsylvania who owns the first customer-ordered 2015 Atlantic Design Convertible.

What is the rarest regular production option (RPO) for a C7? ATI is the answer! Also known as the 2015 Atlantic Edition, only 17 were produced and so far I have not seen or heard of any others. The Atlantic was available in any color but all were Z51 Convertibles with either 2LT or 3LT trims.

It would be great if you included this info in one of your blogs so I can start a registry. THX Tom Repas

The Atlantic Convertibles are marked by their Shark Gray vents, stinger hood graphic and tonneau covers, the Torque 5-spoke chrome accessory wheels and the Z06 molded front splitter. The build sheet and options will list ATI, which as Tom says, is the RPO code for the package.

Do you own an RPO ATI 2015 Corvette Atlantic Convertible? You’re not alone out there. Let us know and we’ll put you contact with Tom.

[RIDES] Tom's 2015 Corvette Atlantic Convertible

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