Pennsylvania Man Gets the Car and the Girl at the National Corvette Museum


Pennsylvania Man Gets the Car and the Girl at the National Corvette Museum

Well, this lucky fellow got the Corvette – AND the girl!

Mike Basile of the Philadelphia area had been dating Stacy Sulima for eight years but kept putting her off when it came time for marriage. Their running joke was that they were in “penalty time.”

Explained Mike: “We had been dating for seven years and Stacy was like, ‘now I’m eligible’ but I told her no, it’s like soccer. You don’t know when penalty time is going to end.”

That penalty time finally came to an end a few days ago in the perfect place for a pair of Corvette lovers – the National Corvette Museum.

That’s where Mike went to pick up his gorgeous 2016 Velocity Yellow Z06 convertible (complete with stinger hood) that he purchased from Kerbeck Corvette and had it delivered through the Museum’s R8C delivery program.

“When I figured out when the delivery date was going to be then I made the decision that it would be the time,” Mike said.

After posing for photos next to their new car on the Museum’s Corvette Boulevard, the bride was still in the dark until delivery host Jonathon Tabor hollered out that penalty time is up.

Mike drops to his knees, asks Stacy if she will marry him, and the rest is history.

“Apparently penalty time is one year and three days!” Stacy said with a laugh.

By the way, the new Z06 will be the third Corvette for the couple. Mike has a 2003 with 289,000 miles on it (we’d say he’s earned a new one!) and Stacy has a 1969 that needs a little work, she says. They’re members of the Skyline Drive Corvette Club.

Our best wishes to the couple, and we’ll repeat what the NCM hinted: The Conference Center at the Museum makes a great place for a wedding…

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