[VIDEO] Street Racing C6 Corvette Crashes at 150 MPH


[VIDEO] Street Racing C6 Corvette Crashes at 150 MPH

When two Corvettes line-up against each other on public streets, there is so much that can wrong. While most street races end with one winner and one loser, occasionally we get to witness what can really go wrong when cars are racing on streets that are not meant to handle that kind of speed.

Recently, we came across this video showing two C6 Corvettes racing on a highway. After the one-two-three, both Corvettes floor it and soon they are traveling at least 150 mph.

But there is a small rise on the highway these guys are racing on. The Z06 being filmed handles it okay, but the other Corvette gets squirrelly after the suspension recompresses and fishtails into a concrete divider before the screen goes black.

When the video resumes, we see the aftermath photos of a reported 800 hp Corvette burning on the highway.

About the only good news we can share is that the crashed Corvette had a roll-bar and 5-point racing harnesses which protected both occupants who walked away with just scratches and a bruised ego.

Racing is serious business and as such it’s always the best plan to fulfill your need for speed on the track or drag strip.


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  1. Well, the positive thing here is that this fool won’t have a drivers license for quite a while & hopefully it will be much longer before he can afford insurance for another Corvette.

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