[VIDEO] The National Corvette Museum Celebrates Milestone 10,000th R8C Corvette Delivery


The National Corvette Museum Celebrates Milestone 10,000th R8C Corvette Delivery

The ultimate experience for a Corvette enthusiast would have to be taking delivery of their new car at the National Corvette Museum.

Knowing how crazy we Corvette fans are about our favorite car, the NCM started the R8C museum delivery program in September 1995 where customers could order a Corvette from their dealer and then pick it up at the Museum, right across from the assembly plant in Bowling Green, Ky.

Well, needless to say, the program has been a smashing success. In fact, today the Museum celebrated quite a milestone – welcoming their 10,000th participant in the Museum delivery program!

“Corvette owners really enjoy red carpet treatment, and what better place to receive that than at the Home of Corvette?” said Shane Webb, Museum Delivery Manager. “We have delivered over 1,700 seventh generation Corvettes in the past 17 months alone, so not only is the latest model Corvette growing in popularity, but our Delivery program is as well.”

As if it weren’t awesome enough to be the lucky 10,000th customer, he already had a great story to share about his new Corvette.

His name is Dave Effler of Aurora, Colorado, and he actually won his new Stingray in one of the Museum’s fundraising raffles on Nov. 13, 2014.

Dave says he found out about the raffles several years ago during a trip to the Museum with a friend and “dreamed of someday driving out of here in my own Corvette.”

He thought that big day might be many years from now, but he’s proof that it’s never too late to buy a raffle ticket as he bought his winning ticket the night before the drawing – right before he went to bed after finding out they weren’t sold out yet.

The National Corvette Museum Celebrates Milestone 10,000th R8C Corvette Delivery

Lucky for him and his wife, Susan, that he waited until the 11th hour.

Not only did they win a new Stingray, but it was also one of the Museum’s build-your-own raffles so the couple got to outfit their new Shark Gray Z51 just the way they wanted it!

“It’s been pretty exciting,” Susan admits. “This process of creating and putting together all of the options that he wanted. It’s almost been like the delivery of a baby. We’ve been waiting months for this.

The anticipation and excitement … it’s like he is 16 again.”

In observance of the momentous occasion, the Museum gave Dave a slate build sheet and window sticker for his car and a framed photo of the experience – signed by everyone involved with the delivery. A special brick engraved with his name, the date, and 10K Delivery will also be placed in the walkway outside the Museum’s Delivery Area.

While Dave received some extra special treatment, the Museum actually treats every delivery like the big deal it is for the owner, who gets a personal VIP tour of the Assembly Plant and Museum, a detailed introduction to their car and its numerous features from a trained delivery team member, an engraved plaque, a Museum Delivery door jamb decal, and a one-year individual membership to the Museum.

The National Corvette Museum Celebrates Milestone 10,000th R8C Corvette Delivery

Museum Executive Director Wendell Strode said the Museum was “very proud” to share the experience with Dave. “We hope others who are purchasing a new Corvette will consider checking out the many programs we offer that provide hands-on, behind-the-scenes and VIP experiences with your new car,” he said.

My own dream is to take delivery of a new Z06 at the Museum, but since I haven’t won the lottery (or one of the Museum’s raffles) yet, I’ve had to go for the next best thing – the Museum’s Xperience program twice with my “previously owned” Corvettes – a 1997 coupe and a 2005 convertible.

Where else but the National Corvette Museum can the owner of a used car still be treated like a king? Getting that special treatment was quite a thrill for me and my family, and I still remember the excitement of walking around a corner and seeing my own Corvettes on display in the Museum at the end of each of our tours! I highly recommend any of the special programs that the Museum offers.

Dave no doubt would agree.

“Being the 10,000 delivery is just icing on the cake,” he says. “The whole experience with the staff, and this extra attention, has just been great.” Congratulations to the National Corvette Museum on this major accomplishment!

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