Son Surprises Dad with a New Corvette Stingray at the Corvette Museum


Son Surprises Dad with a New Corvette Stingray at the Corvette Museum
Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

Fathers and sons share a special bond.

Tony Rosenburn of California took that bond a big step further recently.

He decided to buy his father, Roger, a 2016 Corvette Stingray convertible, triple black just like Roger ordered.

Only thing is, Roger didn’t know he had even ordered his dream car.

Tony, a retired Marine, has been successful with a leadership seminar company in Southern California and decided he wanted to give his dad the present of a lifetime.

That led to a little secret mission the Marines would be proud of.

Asking his dad what his dream car would be one day, Roger, a retired GM employee, naturally said a Corvette “…so I get all that information out of him without him knowing why and I ordered him that exact car,” Tony recalled.

The son then went one better by taking his dad to the National Corvette Museum on a little father-son outing, supposedly to go on a VIP Tour but actually to pick up TWO Stingrays on the floor of the NCM – the black convertible for Roger and a Shark Gray Z06 for Tony!

“Every now and then I grab dad and take him on an excursion,” Tony explained. “We travel somewhere – typically a concert. We like music. I never tell him what it is. I just say ‘hey we’re going, trust me’ and he always does. I told him we’re going to do something different this time for music. I never told him we were going to see a concert because I didn’t want to lie to him. So the ‘music’ is his new XM Radio.”

At the end of the VIP Tour, Tony handed the key fob to his dad and told him to turn on the XM Radio…in his new black convertible!

“It took all I had not to cry,” Roger said.

“You did cry a little,” Karl laughed.

“You know, life is short, and I have the ability to do it. And I wanted to do it,” Tony said. “Dad and I have been wrenching on cars our whole lives. I worked on a car with him when I was 12 years old. The first car we built together was a 1974 Chevy Vega. We put a small block in it. That was where my passion for cars began, growing up with dad, a GM guy, a Chevy guy. I’ve always loved cars and he passed that down to me. This is my give back.”

Congratulations, Roger and Tony, and welcome to the Corvette family!

National Corvette Museum

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