[ACCIDENT] Man Owns His Dream Corvette for One Hour Before Being Smashed by SUV


[ACCIDENT] Man Owns his Dream Corvette for One Hour Before Being Smashed by SUV

Well, at least he didn’t have to worry for long about getting that dreaded first scratch on his Corvette.

That’s about the only bright spot we can find for a Sandusky, Ohio man who had saved up for several years to buy his dream car…only to see it smashed by an SUV less than 60 minutes later!

David Wilhelm told Cleveland 19 News that he had bought his pride and joy, a very sharp triple black C6 Corvette Grand Sport convertible, on Monday afternoon. Less than an hour later, around 4 p.m., the driver of a Ford SUV T-boned Wilhelm’s Corvette, sending it careening into a utility pole at the corner of Hancock and East Monroe streets in Sandusky.

Now pretty much the entire front end of the Corvette was damaged, including the fenders, hood, and bumper, and Wilhelm’s once dream car is looking more like a nightmare.

Oh, there is one more bright spot we could find – at least no one was injured in the crash.

The Ford driver, meanwhile, was cited for running a red light.

You can see a short video of the accident scene on YouTube, where it was posted by the Erie County Scanner Uncensored News:


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  1. The very first time I drove my brand new Corvette Racing Yellow 2016 Z51 to work I had a non-attentive diver come up and on ramp in a construction zone and proceeded to try and pull out in front of me. I way up against the concrete divider, and she was inches from running into me. I laid on my horn, and she stopped. By the way, she had a yield sign. My car had 25 miles on it. Her car, a Yellow VW beetle.

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