Chevrolet To Pull the Engine Appearance Package from C8 Corvette Orders Over Supplier Issue


Chevrolet To Pull the Engine Appearance Package from C8 Corvette Orders over Supplier Issue

We got word this week of another parts supply issue with the C8 Corvette, and we’ve confirmed that GM will be stripping this option from orders moving forward.

The Engine Appearance Package on the C8 Corvette is a fairly popular option that adds LED lighting and two carbon fiber closeout panels to the C8 Coupe’s engine bay. The package adds an additional $995 to your Corvette’s MSRP.

In the memo sent to dealers on Monday morning, there was a notice that dealers will need to contact their customers who ordered RPO ZZ3 to let them know it is being removed from their orders prior to the order placed with allocation. Apparently, the manufacturer who makes these for the Corvette notified GM that they are discontinuing all carbon fiber operations effective January 31st.

In 2021, a total of 5,592 Corvette Coupes (37%) were ordered with the ZZ3 Engine Appearance Option which makes it an option found in every 1 out of 3 Coupes. The Engine Appearance Package isn’t available for Convertible models.

We reached out to a Chevrolet spokesperson who confirmed they are pulling ZZ3 from current orders:

Yes, we are temporarily removing ZZ3 engine appearance package from incoming Corvette orders as a result of a parts supply issue. We are working to get this remedied as soon as possible.

As for when the popular option will return, we have no idea. However, those close-out panels are not all that complex, and sourcing a new manufacturer will hopefully not be too much of an issue.


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  1. Not all that complex? Well, apparently it is enough of an issue that the current supplier will no longer be doing it. So, there’s that…

  2. If the close out panels aren’t that complex to make, then why is the appearance package $999?

  3. To those who speculated that China production or port issues is the problem, the supplier plant is in the Grand Rapids, MI area.


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