GM Outlines Tentative Key Dates For 2023 Corvette Ordering


GM Outlines Tentative Key Dates For 2023 Corvette Ordering

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GM sent out a new memo to Chevrolet dealers on Monday morning with key dates for 2023 Corvette model year ordering. Thanks to the for providing these details.

Back in November, GM had shared some tentative dates regarding the 2023 Corvette model year dates and they appear to be firming up without actually being confirmed. The previous update showed us these dates:

2022 Corvette Model Year:
– Production ends May 6th
– Last Order Cycle March 17th

2023 Corvette Model Year:
– Initial Production start May 9th
– First Allocation Cycle/Order Entry March 31st
– Preorder Dates Are TBA

The new information provided today by GM to dealers shows the following:

March 21st:
– Dealer Order Guide Available

March 24th:
– Ordering available through Dealer OWB & Configurator

March 31st:
– First DOSP (Dealer Order Submittal Process)

ADS Allocation continues (no separate Z06 allocation group)
(ADS stands for Average Daily Supply, GM’s new allocation method)

As you can see, we are very much on track for hitting those original dates, with the Order Guide dropping a few days ahead of when dealers can start adding pre-orders. The big move comes on March 31st when dealers will be able to match up their first allocations to their orders.

This is still a tentative time schedule and GM makes no mention of the end dates for the 2022 Corvette model year or when the 2023 Corvette will start. As such, we’ll continue to follow along as we should probably be getting pricing information ahead of the Order Guide. How long GM wants to make us wait for that will be determined.


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  1. Seams like a very short 2022 model run? Maybe GM wants to raise the prices again for 2022 and blow it out for the big 70th! Can’t wait to see the 70th special edition package, will it be a shade of dark red again?


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