[VIDEO] Speed Phenom’s Technical Review of the 2023 Corvette Z06


[VIDEO] Speed Phenom's Technical Review of the 2023 Corvette Z06

One of our favorite YouTubers that we love to feature on these pages is Austin Everett, aka Speed Phenom. His youth and enthusiasm make his videos fun to watch, but the kid is very knowledgeable about Corvettes and other exotic cars, and we always enjoyed his stints on the racetrack as he pushed his 2020 Corvette Z51 Stingray to its limits. He has talked repeatedly about getting a C8 Z06 so it’s a no-brainer that he is very excited to see the reveal of America’s newest sportscar on Tuesday.

Like many of the social media influencers with large audiences, Austin was invited to meet with Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter and Lead Development Engineer Aaron Link at the Peterson Automotive Museum on Tuesday to spend thirty minutes with the new 2023 Corvette Z06 Coupe equipped with the Z07 Performance Package and he made the most of his time. In fact, of all the videos we have seen so far, this is the one to watch.

Austin was able to pin down many new facts about the Z06. In this video, we learn the flat-plane crank LT6 V8 will be using a different engine oil than the Stingray’s LT2 V8. We find out about the status of filling the transmission with additional fluid for the track, and we get an on-camera confirmation that the interior Level 2 Carbon Fiber trim package will also be available for the Stingray as well as the Z06.

The video runs just over a half-hour, so grab your favorite beverage and enjoy his technical review of the 2023 Corvette Z06.

Speed Phenom / YouTube

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  1. Great review! It was mentioned in the video that the changes made to the front end have not resulted in any changes to the Z06’s frunk. Curious as to whether the increased overall width and relocation of the exhaust to the centre have resulted in any changes to the shape and total volume of the Z06’s trunk.

  2. Great review and good work!! I spent Tuesday afternoon listening to the opinion of a longtime friend who is an engineer for Ferrari, who took the time to watch the unveil…

    The Z06 is a big deal and they are taking this car VERY seriously. To hear this from someone who was part of the F8 Tributo engineering team, a comparable car that starts at around $275k, speaks volumes to the work GM has done on this car, and the C8 overall. Great job all around!!!

    In related news, I got my status 3000 notification shortly after the presentation on Tuesday…..cannot wait!

  3. @ Brian
    Tadge publically said during the C7 R&D era that his aspiration for the best super sports car in the world was the 458 italia. The Corvette R&D most likely bought several to dismantle at least one and study every nut & bolt at GM’s Tech centre in Warren Michigan.

    My late Father was a world car assembly specialist at GM and participated often at that centre’s research and witnessed many “targeted competing” vehicles teared down and layed on the floor. I am wiling to bet that Ferrari will do the same with the Z07 and this will be the best form of flattery EVER. Most people don’t know that Ferrari uses GM’s MagnaRide Dampers.

    BTW I loved the review since the questions were pointy yet polite.

  4. I love listening to Tadge talk about any aspect of the C8. He is a walking encyclopedia of Corvette trivia and is a fascinating guide to the car’s inner workings. He’ll go down in history as the Father of the mid-engine Corvette, second only to Zora’s original vision for the car’s future direction. The only remaining question will be if his ashes also end up in the NCM for future enthusiasts to honor for his contributions to this game changing project. Well done, sir!

  5. I love Austin and Tadge!! I met Austin at Laguna Seca and was denied a ride along due to the stupid covid regs last yr. Austin is such a nice guy and I am super stoked that his channel has grown so fast!! He is super fast on track also and I cant wait for him to track his Z06.
    In his other video the guy stated the weight of 3450 or 3486 (with CF wheels)and that should make for one hell of a ride.
    Thanks Tadge for your excitement and excellence in bringing this engineering marvel to life.
    Maybe we can have those vertical doors that are patented by GM as an option?

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