[VIDEO] Speed Phenom Breaks Down the 2023 Corvette Z06 Teaser Photo


[VIDEO] Speed Phenom Breaks Down the 2023 Corvette Z06 Teaser Photo

With today’s release of a new teaser photo showing the base model 2023 Corvette Z06, opinions appear to be somewhat mixed on the forums, but I think overall that it was what we were expecting. Well, other than the surprising new side intake trim.

As we’ve been following the next-level driving adventures of Speed Phenom, aka Austin Everett over the last couple of years and know about his interest in the Z06, we checked out his reaction to the new teaser photo which he posted just after Monday’s release.

After all, Speed regularly tracked his C8 Z51 Stingray and can’t wait to move up to the track-focused Z06. He’s already been hunting for a Z06 allocation, and finally, he represents the new demographic that’s vital to the future success of the model. Plus, we really dig his enthusiasm.

Speed Phemon also revealed that he has taken delivery of his 2022 Corvette C8.R Edition. After mentioning the C8 Z06s new front crease over the top of the front wheel arches, he said he went out to the garage to look at his C8.R edition to see if was there. Hopefully, he will have that reveal coming up soon.

Overall, Austin is very excited about the new Z06 and he walks us from the front to the back and even tries to peek through the window at the new V8 engine in the back. Like I said, we really dig his enthusiasm!

Speed Phenom / YouTube

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