[VIDEO] Speed Phenom Reviews the 2022 Corvette IMSA GTLM C8.R Edition


[VIDEO] Speed Phenom Reviews the 2022 Corvette IMSA GTLM C8.R Edition

One of our favorite YouTubers is back and is now behind the wheel of a brand new 2022 Corvette IMSA GTLM C8.R Edition!

Austin Everett, aka Speed Phenom, has the keys to a limited edition C8.R Convertible in Hypersonic Gray and takes it out to do a full review of the car.

This C8.R edition is No. 5 in the 1,000 car run and it’s loaded with the visible carbon fiber 5VM aero package with the high wing, as well as the visible carbon fiber grille inserts and side mirrors. The wheels on the car are the optional Black Tridents that are actually installed at the factory and they are accented with the Corvette Racing Jake center caps and the yellow brake calipers. Inside the car is a 3LT interior with Strike Yellow/Sky Cook Gray interior and GT2 seats. Every single panel is finished in suede and is accented with Yellow stitching. Austin also shows us the very cool C8.R interior badge which has the sequence number of the car.

Following the extensive walkaround, Austin then takes the car out on some very nice curvy roads and puts it through its paces.

From Speed Phenom via YouTube:

First drive and review of the all-new hypersonic gray 2022 C8 Corvette Hardtop Convertible C8.R Edition.

Speed Phenom

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  1. This is Speed Phenom’s 2nd C8, and a limited production special edition at that. How is he able to get a second C8 so quickly when I’m still waiting for my FIRST one? …and still have a year to go before delivery! Makes no sense. Something’s not right.

  2. A $100k+ version of a Z51 C8. If you can hold on to it as an investment go for it, it’s quite striking to look at and display; but it’s kind of dorky for a regular driver.

  3. Ugliest combo of colors. The grey is bland & the yellow stripes awful. The interior coloring is hideous!!

  4. Not for me. If there is no power adders and just cosmetics I will just walk on by. He will get a Z06 also, talked to him at the track and will be a 1st or close to it again as his channel is huge. Way to go Austin. Your killing it!!

  5. Gray does nothing for me. Sports cars only have 3 colors: Red, Black and Silver. Corvette racing yellow is the exception for a Vette. The yellow highlights help this gray one out immensely. I’m sure the ZO6 will have plenty of get up and go but I hope the lowly Stingrays get a bump in power, 50-60bhp would do for now. When an M4 Competition is quicker, Houston, we have a problem.

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