[VIDEO] Speed Phenom Sells His 25K-Mile C8 Corvette to CarMax


[VIDEO] Speed Phenom Sells His 25K-Mile C8 Corvette to CarMax

One of our favorite Corvette YouTubers will be “without content” for the next few weeks after selling his C8 Corvette to CarMax. Speed Phenom has ordered a 2022 Corvette Stingray IMSA GTLM Championship C8.R Edition and he tells us in his latest video that the new Accelerate Yellow special edition has already been built. And that means his current 2020 Corvette Stingray Z51 Coupe must go.

Austin has actually had his 2020 Corvette on the market for the last few months and we found it offered for sale on AutoTrader for $88,000 which made it one of the cheaper C8 Corvettes on the secondary market. Austin tells us that he also contacted many of the Chevy dealers in his area who basically low-balled him due to the 25,000 miles showing on the odometer, and now that his new Corvette has been built, he needs to move the 2020 Coupe pretty much immediately.

As he drives to a CarMax location, he talks about all the fun he’s had with the Corvette from when he first picked it up back in March 2020 at the National Corvette Museum and then the drive back to Southern California and the good times he had along the way. Austin was one of the first YouTubers to race his Corvette and we’ve watched many of his videos as he tracked his C8 at the major racetracks in the region.


We can tell he’s not expecting too much from CarMax and he tries to play it down after walking out of the facility an hour later with an offer in hand. Instead, he’s quite giddy with the offer of $85,000 for the car which is $3,000 more than he paid for it new. So he takes the cash and gives his 2020 Corvette a loving send-off as we see a lot attendant drive away with the car.

Speed Phenom says this about the car as he rubs the fender and the high wing spoiler:

I’m gonna miss this car. Okay buddy, I’m gonna miss you. You’ve done perfect, you’ve been bulletproof this entire time! You were my first ever mid-engine vehicle and you just blown me away. This is basically the most reliable car I’ve ever had. Off to a new life, hope you have a great journey ahead of you. Get ready guys for the next C8…the Accelerate Yellow one.”

While Speed’s Torch Red C8 Corvette may be gone, we are looking forward to his new 2022 Corvette C8.R Edition that will soon be on the way, and the next-level driving adventures in the new Corvette that he will surely share with us.

Speed Phenom

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  1. Hey Speed, ya did good.Can’t wait to see your new Yellow C8 Corvette. I have enjoyed all your videos, hope to see more. Like you I love my C8, I just could not sell my 2020, 2 LT, Seabring Orange, with F E Lift, 7500 miles on the odometer, not yet anyway. Like yours mine has been bullet proof. I have owned 2 C2 Vetts and loved them, but there is nothing like a C8.

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