[PIC] Sketch of the C8 Corvette’s V8 Intake Manifold by GM Designer Justin Salmon


[PIC] Sketch of the C8 Corvette's V8 Intake Manifold by GM Designer Justin Salmon

As a fan of the Chevrolet Corvette, we’ve always been enamored by the artistry from its designers going all the back to its founding in the early 1950s. Designer Larry Shinoda was someone who was able to put pen to paper and come up with some of the most beautiful artwork that represented future Corvettes and we’ve detailed a number of others that followed in his footsteps.

One of the great accounts that we follow on Instagram is that of General Motors Design which shares both historic and current artwork from its talented designers. In a new post this week, we got a look at a sketch exploration by designer Justin Salmon who was tasked with drawing the C8 Corvette’s LT2 intake manifold.

As the C8’s intake manifold cover is viewable through the rear glass of the Corvette Coupe, it really needed an upgrade over the previous engine covers to ensure it would be the focal point of GM’s new “jewel under glass.” We love the fact that this exploration was done in black and white with a little red which adds just enough color to the drawing.

We note that the design is dated back to 2016 which gives us an idea of how much they were working on the future models even as production of the C7 Corvette had been underway for just a couple of years.

The other thing worth noting is that GM’s “Jewel Under Glass” will need to be updated for each different engine that will be offered during the C8 era. That means a new specific engine cover for the C8 Z06, ZR1, and any other variant that allows people to view inside the engine compartment. Now that’s a future worth looking forward to!

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