[ACCIDENT] C6 Corvette Falls Off a Lift and Crashes to the Ground


[ACCIDENT] C6 Corvette Falls Off a Lift and Crashes to the Ground

Have you ever done something so stupid that you just wanted to die? After checking out this video posted to the Reddit forum r/WatchPeopleDieInside, you’ll see exactly that reaction.

We don’t know when this actually happened, but the truth of the matter is that the data isn’t necessarily important here. It’s an evergreen moment that should have anyone responsible for lifting a Corvette (or other vehicles for that matter) to think about the physics of balancing the vehicle correctly when lifted.

As we can see, an automotive technician has a C6 Corvette up on a lift, and after it comes crashing down we can see that the motor is out of the car. As a Corvette has a nearly 50/50 weight distribution, it’s a given that removing the weight of the engine will cause the backend to become much heavier. Watch it a few times and you will see there was a portable lift under the front of the car that may have pushed the front end up, causing the Vette to fall backward and to the ground.

It’s a cringe-worthy moment for any Corvette enthusiast to watch as the car comes crashing down to the shop floor, and the reality is that someone working under that car could have died as a result of that balancing mistake.

The mechanic can’t believe what he just witnessed and his reaction is to simply walk away from the car and into a back room. The peeps on reddit have a good time in captioning the video and we would assume a cigarette or two was smoked before the owner was notified.

Reddit via CorvetteActionCenter.com

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  1. Well he was not injured Look in alll trades shi- happens
    it could of been alot worse .
    Wonder why engine was out damage to front end ? what was covering the fenders on front .
    He tried to save it Thais what insurance is for worker and owner

  2. Man, he almost had it. He was reaching for it. There was probably more going on than a couple of smoked cigarettes before the owner was called. He was likely headed to the back room so he could clean out his tightly whiteys…I mean brownies.

  3. Another Goodwrench moment. Add this to the stupid f goodwrench caught on camera driving an owner’s C8 148 mph weaving through traffic

  4. Hmm, didn’t compensate for “no-engine” weight distribution and the lift arms were not locked. This allowed the tilt to increase as the arms swung forward. My Bend-Pak has keyed lock mechanisms to prevent the arms from swinging forward or backward.


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