Detroit Art Exhibition to Feature Over 100 Vintage and Rare Corvette Drawings


Detroit Art Exhibition to Feature over 100 Vintage and Rare Corvette Drawings

Larry Shinoda, circa 1960.

Detroit’s Scarab Club will be hosting a gallery exhibition called “American Dreaming, Corvette: 7 Generations and Beyond” which will include original drawings and models from General Motors designers between 1952 to 2014.

The exhibit will run from January 4th-February 18th and will feature some the works from designers Larry Shinoda, Peter Brock and a handful of others who over the years who were responsible for creating original renderings of the Chevrolet Corvette at GM.

Over 100 original drawings as well as models from each of the seven generations will show how these talented designers, armed with only a drafting board, pencil and paper, created these unique visions of Americas two-seater sports car. While some drawings were very artsy and conceptual, many helped shape the destiny of the Corvette’s design that we see today.

The exhibition will feature three parts: the rare vintage concept drawings from GM’s Corvette studios, a design competition open to current transportation design students and an exhibition of Corvette advertising art from the 1950s through the 1990s.

The design competition will feature artwork of the “Mid-Engine Corvette” from students attending some of the leading automotive design schools. Jay Leno will be one of the judges and cash prizes will be awarded.

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Detroit Art Exhibition to Feature Over 100 Vintage and New Corvette Drawings

Allen Young, circa 1966.

Scarab Club via Hemmings

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