[PIC] A Weed Whacker Powered By a Corvette V8 Engine Is Just What The World Needs


[PIC] A Weed Whacker Powered By a Corvette V8 Engine Is Just What The World Needs

Photo Credit: General Motors Design

Grass, you don’t stand a chance!

That might be a good caption for this photo, recently released on the General Motors Design Instagram account.

The creative minds at GM Design were every bit as imaginative back in 1986 as they are today. For proof, just take a look at this wacky photo showing GM designer Tom Peters holding a Corvette engine-powered weed-whacker, standing in front of the Corvette Indy concept car he designed.

Obviously a foam mock-up, since Peters wouldn’t be strong enough up to hold up the real thing with just a small strap, this futuristic weed-whacker, featuring an L98 engine from a Corvette C4, was a forerunner of the time decades later when Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond of “Top Gear” hilariously used a Chevy V8 to run a food blender.

When this photo was taken some 35 years ago, Peters had just finished his first project assigned directly by his boss, Chuck Jordan, vice president of design, who wanted new technologies like computer chips and electronics integrated into the car.

The mid-engine Corvette Indy Concept, which was reminiscent of the Italian-like shapes from the Bill Mitchell era, proved to be quite an innovative car, helping lead the automotive industry into an age of technological advances that included the use of carbon fiber and Kevlar construction and a center-mounted CRT cluster that displayed GPS navigation, previously used only by the military.

Since the military doesn’t always share its most sensitive gear, could this Corvette-powered weed-whacker be a secret weapon aimed at taking out the enemy? Only Peters and the military know for sure – wink, wink!

GM Design / Instagram via musclecarsandtrucks.com

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