[PICS] The New Hypersonic Gray Is On Display This Week at Corvettes at Carlisle


[PICS] Hypersonic Gray On Display This Week at Corvettes at Carlisle

Photo Credit: Mike Furman

We got confirmation this morning from our friend Mike Furman that the new Hypersonic Gray exterior will be on display at this week’s Corvettes at Carlisle show.

Mike has already hit the ground at the Carlisle Fairgrounds and caught sight of the new exterior color on a 2022 Corvette parked in the Chevy Engineers tent. The good news is that it is being presented on the first special editions of the C8 era – the 2022 Corvette IMSA GTLM Championship Edition C8.R.

[PICS] The New Hypersonic Gray Is On Display This Week at Corvettes at Carlisle

In addition to Hypersonic Gray, a 2022 Corvette Stingray wearing the new Amplify Orange is also under the tent. That color broke cover two weeks ago at a Bowling Green Job Fair and then later spied at the Corvette Assembly Plant.

2022 Amplify Orange

2022 Amplify Orange

UPDATE: Mike also provided us with a walk around video of the two new colors:

That leaves only Caffeine Metallic as the third new color of 2022 that hasn’t yet been spotted in public, but we are hoping it shows up on one of the Chevy engineers CTF cars that they are bringing to Carlisle. UPDATE: Here is Caffeine Metallic on a 2022 Corvette Stingray which arrived after we posted these initial photos.

Thanks again Mike for the pics!

Mike Furman via MidEngineCorvetteForum.com

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  1. Hypersonic gray looks good but pretty close to silver flare in the pics. Maybe a bit less green but think they lost a good bit of variation by getting rid of the shadow gray. Sebring orange (metallic) much nicer than Amplify orange though. Flat flat flat….

  2. Living in Las Vegas, I see waaaaaaay too much of black, white, and silver/gray cars. Here’s a game: next time you’re at a stoplight, say the color of the cars that pass in front of you. 8 out of 10 times you will catch yourself saying, “Black, black, white, white, white, white, gray, silver, white, white, black, black…”

    No thanks to any black, white, silver/gray colored car in my garage…even if it’s a Corvette.

    But I get it: dealerships have said that those colors are the fastest selling colors off the lot.

  3. Like the gray with the black trim, gray brings out the best of both. Same thing with the silver.

  4. I agree with Daniel. I like the Sebring metallic much better than the flat orange. The gray looks good with the black, and would look awesome loaded up with some carbon fiber. I really would love to to see the Z06 and beyond have a couple of exotic colors that would not be offered in the base model…and not another shade of brown, please.

  5. Hey. I really study the hard to decide way to go but it is obvious that the ball was Dropped with tha AWFUL Caffein deal. Saw at Carlisle and nobody liked it. Nobody. I plan on ordering a Z-06 and really have come to see that they should offer the c-8 in the Escalade Suburban Tahoe metallic white. For visuals it is also on the Camry. Great great color with way more uses than the Blah regular White. No POP and has lived its life. I ask that this could be considered. Please.

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