[PICS] Chevrolet Shares New Photos of the Three New Colors for the 2022 Corvette


[PICS] Chevrolet Shares New Photoshops of the Three New Colors for the 2022 Corvette

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Earlier today we discovered the 2022 Corvette is now listed on Chevrolet.com’s upcoming vehicles page and the microsite now features some new photoshops of the three new colors! While we would prefer to see the three new colors on real cars, these new illustrations do give us a decent representation of how Hypersonic Gray, Amplify Orange, and Caffeine might appear.

Personally, I think the Hypersonic Gray is the strongest of the three new colors with its strong metallic finish and nice contrast with the Corvette’s exterior trim. Amplify Orange will hopefully win over those fans of Sebring Orange, and we think it will do well as it’s just one of those kinds of colors that captures the exotic sports car look. When you see it here you can tell that it’s a very different shade of Orange than the color it replaced. Finally, the wildcard of the trio is the super-metallic meatloaf Caffeine which looks almost like a shiny copper penny here. It’s a very interesting choice and it’s the only color that I’m reserving judgment on until seen in person.

2022 Corvette

2022 Corvette

2022 Corvette

2022 Corvette

2022 Corvette

With the 2022 model year just a few months away, we are hoping that there will be some members of the Corvette Team who will be driving CTF versions in these new colors that will be shown live at Corvettes at Carlisle and the NCM’s Anniversary Event over Labor Day weekend.


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