[PICS] Hot Rodder Creates a ‘SuperSuper Car’ with a C5 Corvette and Two Supercharged Z06 Engines


[PICS] Hot Rodder Creates a 'SuperSuper Car' with a C5 Corvette and Two Supercharged Z06 Engines

Photo Credit: AMSOIL / Instagram

What’s better than a Corvette with a supercharged 6.2L LT4 V8 engine? How about a Corvette with TWO 6.2L LT4 C8 engines!

This custom C5 Corvette called the “SuperSuper Car” debuted last week at Reno’s Hot August Nights and is now on display during Monterey Car Week.

Created by custom hotrod builder Gordon Tronson, it features the body of a 2001 Corvette with a custom front and rear. The front fascia was changed and we are told the headlights could have come from a Genesis G80.

But the real magic is the back where the rear end was extended longer and outward to accommodate the twin LT4s that reside side-by-side behind the driver. The two supercharged engines should each produce the same 650-HP and 640 lb-ft of torque as they do in the C7 Z06, and when combined, the car has an estimated 1300 horsepower and is projected to run 290-300 MPH.

This tweet from Axis of Oversteer gives us the best look at the dual-engine setup:

The custom dual-engine build has four stainless steel exhaust outlets and they are stacked two-by-two. We’re betting this build sounds spectacular and hopefully, we’ll have some video to go along with these photos.

The one thing that is for certain though is that calling this dual-engine Corvette a widebody is an understatement!

Here is the car on display last week in Reno at the AMSOIL booth. Use the navigation arrows on the sides to rotate through the different photos of the car:


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  1. The rear of the car looks like two computer towers on either side. Front end looks like it belongs on another car. I’ll pass.

  2. For all the haters out there please send in pictures of your builds so we can study them.
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