[PICS] Rapper Trippie Redd’s Custom Widebody C8 Corvette is a Head Turner!


[PICS] Rapper Trippie Redd's Custom Widebody C8 Corvette is a Head Turner!

Photo Credit: Trippie Redd / Instagram

One of our favorite sayings about the Chevrolet Corvette is that “it’s a canvas that allows owners to make it their own.” A stock Corvette can go from mild to wild with just a few customizations whether they be a custom wrap, aftermarket wheels, or even an upgrade to the existing body.

In the case of hip-hop artist Trippie Redd and his formerly Arctic White 2020 Corvette, his vision included all three of those ingredients to take his C8 to the next level and now his Corvette is as unique and one-of-a-kind as he is.

[PICS] Rapper Trippie Redd's Custom Widebody C8 Corvette is a Head Turner!

The artist purchased his Arctic White Corvette Z51 Coupe last summer through Roadstarr Motorsports in Los Angeles who was then tasked with making the customizations to the car. In this YouTube video, you can see the rapper checking out the stock Stingray and making his suggestions as to how he wants it to look when completed. We hear the multi-platinum artist mention “widebody” as well as “red chrome” and showing some artwork from his album cover to be featured as well.

This week, after months of anticipation, the new Corvette is now ready and it sure is a head-turner! The first photos of the custom widebody C8 were shared on Trippie Redd’s Instagram account this week and we really like the results!

[PICS] Rapper Trippie Redd's Custom Widebody C8 Corvette is a Head Turner!

Wrapped in a Red Chrome and featuring matte carbon fiber on the frunk and rear deck, the car’s dimensions were mightly improved with fender flares that house Toyo Proxes ST III tires mounted on custom Forgiato wheels that feature the rapper’s name. In addition to the rapper’s artwork and logos on the car, the Stingray is also equipped with an LED light package both inside and out.

What are your thoughts on this custom widebody C8 Corvette? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Why would you put this on here when anyone,,,,not brain dead,, knows this is a advertisement for satan-the devil-the EVIL one!!! You should be ashame of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You’re right – a real head turner,,,I just about had to turn my head toward the trash can. Likewise, not at all a fan of what is being promoted on the car. Not something I would suggest you promote.

  3. I like it. Let anyone do what they want to the vette. GM wants to try to put a younger crowd in this car, and by all means this has that look to get younger drivers behind this car. The wide body and paint is of the wall, but not trashy. I’m just tired of seeing just old people driving this car, especially when most kids these days are not even in a rush to get their driver’s license. You want a different demographic, this is definitely it. I don’t even who the guy is or what his music is about , but at least he bought American, and made it his own. So sad to see the other comments.

  4. Hard working people will not appreciate what what was done to this car. Extremely foul mouthed rappers are as far away from hard working people as you can get. I am disappointed that you did not research your subject before posting this.

  5. Disappointed. An American Icon and dream of many has been disgraced.
    Zora Arkus-Duntov would be disgusted.
    Also Disappointed in you for putting pictures of it on your web site.
    Zora Arkus-Duntov would be disgusted. Did I say that already ???

  6. I guess to each his own. Hope the crowd that likes Rap does not make this their new way to express themselves.
    Also why do you send a list of 100 dealers that sell at MSRP, at least two of those in my area are flippers.

  7. If it didn’t have any of the graphics on it and a much better looking set of custom wheels I think it would be a badass looking custom Corvette. This is the first widebody C8 I have seen that actually has molded in body panels instead of the cheap looking bolt on or riveted on panels.

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