[VIDEO] Sigala Designs Shows Off Completed Widebody Kit for the C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Sigala Designs Shows Off Completed Widebody Kit for the C8 Corvette

Photo Credit: Sigala Designs

If you want a widebody C8 Corvette and just can’t wait until the 2023 Z06 is available next year, then you might be interested in the first widebody kit from the aftermarket.

Sigala Designs just revealed its C8 RR rendition that definitely goes all out on the cool factor, as if the new mid-engine Stingray needed any help, and you can get a look at it in detail on this YouTube video that also includes shots of a stock C8 for comparison’s sake. By the way, the kit makes the car six inches wider and includes center quad exhaust. Just for the video, Sigala even made a full carbon fiber license plate!

The best part is that the kit – which will start at $14,995 for fiberglass/carbon fiber mix and $24,995 for full carbon fiber – is available right now.

[VIDEO] Sigala Designs Shows Off Completed Widebody Kit for the C8 Corvette

The 32-piece kit – which pretty much replaces every body panel except for the doors – definitely changes the looks of the car quite dramatically, though our first inclination was that the overall look might be a little too busy for our taste. However, the more we looked at the photos, especially of the silver rendering, the more the look grew on us. For those who dare to be different from the crowd, this is definitely an option worth considering.

The full kit includes:

  • Sigala Vented Hood
  • Front Bumper Extensions
  • Sigala Front Lip Extended
  • Twin Front Splitter Extensions
  • Sigala Wide Body Fenders
  • Side Skirt Extensions (2)
  • Side Splitter Extensions (4)
  • Wide Body Quarter Panels (4)
  • Rear Diffuser (1)
  • Rear Bumper Extensions (2)
  • Rear Winglets (2)
  • Hi Rise Wing (3 pcs)
  • RR Roof
  • RR Halo
  • RR Rear Hatch Extensions (2)
  • Engine Vents

[VIDEO] Sigala Designs Shows Off Completed Widebody Kit for the C8 Corvette

For those C8 owners who might feel the way we do and don’t want the whole package, or may be on a tight budget, the various parts are available individually, including the hood for $1,970, dual front splitter set (pinstripe extra) for $920, high rise rear wing for $1,195, widebody roof set for coupe only for $1,495, and rear winglets for $795.

We’re eager to see what you think about this design. Is it just right or did Sigala go a little too far?

Sigala Designs via carscoops.com

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  1. Did I miss something? What’s the point besides making it too wide to fit safely in a normal parking spot.

  2. My previous comment was based on just the still pictures. I just watched the video and though I’d throw up. DT’s comment about being too busy is indeed an understatement. Too many scoops, too many sticky-out parts. I’ll bet the aerodynamics have suffered a bunch. I’d like to see the performance figures versus the white real C8 that’s shown in the video. That one, except for the boring white color, is much better looking.

  3. I say conduct some wind tunnel tests and see how many of those overpriced “aero” parts remain in place. Pffffttt gone with the wind.

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