[VIDEO] Watch the Corvette Team Presentation from the 2021 NCM Bash


[VIDEO] Watch the Corvette Team Presentation from the 2021 NCM Bash

On Friday members of the Corvette Team offered a virtual presentation for the National Corvette Museum’s NCM Bash, and today the Museum has made the full one-hour video public on their YouTube Channel.

Joining the conversation from the Corvette Team is Executive Chief Engineer of Corvette Tadge Juechter, along with Product Manager Harlan Charles, newly promoted Vehicle Chief Engineer Josh Holder, and Program Manager Kelly Bellore.

We’ve already covered most of the highlights from the presentation but it’s still worth the watch as the team takes us through the 2021 Corvette sales and order highlights, a look at Corvettes in the news, and some interesting comments regarding Doug Fehan and Corvette Racing were offered. As for the 2022 Corvette news, the team showed off the new Low Profile rear spoiler for the Corvette Stingray, while three new exterior colors were unveiled the day prior.

After the team finished with the spoiler, there was an uncomfortable pause before Harlan says “more to come.” Tadge then follows up saying, “We’ll have more news for 2022 later, but we thought we’d share some little tidbits at the Birthday Bash.

So there’s still a chance for some big news to be made in the near future, and we’re hoping it’s a “save the date” notice for the reveal of the Corvette Z06, should it be ready in time. As they said, “more to come!”

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