[VIDEO] Hennessey Races a Stock C8 Corvette vs the Hellcat Durango


[VIDEO] Hennessey Races a Stock C8 Corvette vs the Hellcat Durango

If you would have told me a few years ago that the Corvette would be regularly beaten on the track by factory new SUVs, I’d have used my Eddie Murphy voice and told you to GTFO. But the great horsepower wars waged by domestic automakers have seemingly made this nightmare scenario possible as evidenced by a freaking Dodge Durango SUV featuring a 710-hp Hellcat V8 engine leaving a stock C8 Corvette behind on the drag strip.

The brand new 2021 Durango Hellcat with the plastic still covering the seats was recently delivered to Hennessey Performance in Texas and the guys took it out to their test track to get a benchmark of the SUV in stock form. Not content to make a few solo runs, Hennessey brought out a stock 495-hp Corvette C8 to make things a bit more interesting.

The Durango has less than 100 miles on the odometer and Hennessey will be performing their 1,000 HPE upgrade on it soon. As it’s brand new, none of the race modes are unlocked yet. However, the three-row SUV does feature all-wheel drive that helps to propel the truck off the line quicker than the C8 Corvette, which is being launched without using the onboard launch control system.

And launch is exactly what the Durango does as it easily jumps out several car lengths ahead of the Corvette. Although lighter and more aerodynamic than the Hellcat Durango, the C8 Corvette races to catch the SUV but falls short as the Dodge takes the win.

Dodge and Mopar have been making the most of utilizing their Hellcat branded V8s to offer the ultimate power upgrades to a variety of their vehicles and the Hennessey boys joke that soon we could even see a Pacifica Hellcat version, which we think would actually be pretty sweet. A 700-hp minivan is exactly what dad wants to drive! Meanwhile, Chevy is letting those big, beautiful LT4/LT5 V8s gather dust instead of making the most of these final years of internal combustion engines. And that’s a shame…

Hennessey Performance / YouTube

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  1. Those Durango’s are underrated! I have seen a few of them beat a Trackhawk quite easily. Of course the C8 would leave that Durango in the dust in the turns!

  2. Don’t believe anything Hennessey Performance puts out, that is – communicates. Hennessey was bad in the past and nothing can change their huckster image.

  3. Y’all can have your straight line go karts. I’ll take the race proven techs from Pratt and Miller and Callaway.

  4. Once again a Hennessey video that doesn’t seem right. Can we please stop believing everything Hennessey puts out. I would like to see these two race again, but not with Hennessey involvement.

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