[PICS] The Three New Colors for the 2022 Corvette Are Officially Revealed at the NCM Bash


[PICS] The Three New Colors for the 2022 Corvette Are Officially Revealed at the NCM Bash

Photo Credits: Jeremy Welborn

During the National Corvette Museum’s Bash Event this afternoon, Plant Director Kai Spande and Paint and Body Manager Chuck Valentini brought over three body panels to officially unveil the new exterior colors for the 2022 Corvette.

As was revealed earlier this year and confirmed as these digital paint samples, the three new colors are indeed called Hypersonic Gray, Caffeine, and Amplify Orange.

The panels shown were painted at the plant utilizing their latest processes to complete. These are all very fresh, as Chuck says the Caffeine panel was completed just two days ago.

2022 Corvette Colors Revealed

Hypersonic Gray Metallic (GA7)

Chuck describes Hypersonic as a medium-tone gray with strong metallic properties. Like the Silver Flare that was released for 2021, Hypersonic Gray is described as having a lot of travel, meaning that as the angle of the panel changes, the shade of color will also change.

Hypersonic Gray

Hypersonic Gray

Amplify Orange Tintcoat (GC5)

Amplify Orange was the next to be revealed. Chuck says this color is significantly different than the current Sebring Orange. It’s lighter in color and it’s a “straight shade” that has no metallic content. Chuck actually called it the “Rapid Blue of Orange” as we heard it referred to first by Justin at Horsepower Obsessed. With no metallic flake, Chuck says it will appear very similar both inside or out, which we also take to mean that it will appear the same in the shade or low-light environments.

Amplify Orange

Here it is compared to the Sebring Orange:

Amplify Orange vs Sebring Orange

Amplify Orange vs Sebring Orange

Caffeine Brown Metallic (G48)

The final color revealed is called Caffeine and it’s also significantly different than the color it is replacing Zeus Bronze Metallic. It’s also very different depending on the light. “I promise you it doesn’t look brown in the light,” said Chuck, and says the color has more metallic in it than any color that has previously been painted. Chuck explains that there are four different metallic flakes that contain multiple colors like Burgandy, Red, and Gold to give it a “metallic that really pops.”




During the Q&A, Valentini says that each new color takes a couple of years to develop, which is done up in Detroit in conjunction with their supplier Axalta Coatings (formerly DuPont). Once they are done, it comes to Bowling Green where it takes another six months to validate it locally for production. Chuck also mentioned they are working on 2023 and beyond and no he can’t tell us anything about that.

2022 Corvette Colors Revealed

2022 Corvette Colors Revealed

2022 Corvette Colors Revealed

2022 Corvette Colors Revealed

What are your thoughts on these new colors for the 2022 model year? Ordering a 2022 Corvette and choosing one of these new colors? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Definitely like that Caffeine; I’m a sucker for a high metal flake content paint. Combine that with a natural (tan) interior, and either carbon flash or carbon fiber black accents, and it’ll look awesome.

  2. I don’t care for any of the non-metallic colors. They seem flat and characterless these days. They remind me if the ’50s when metallic colors were quite rare (and expensive). Sebring Silver on the ’63 ‘vette was a $500 option – that’s in 1963! Give me a heavy metallic and I’m happy.

  3. Think I prefer the Shadow Grey to the new replacement. Seems more like a dirty silver.
    Hopefully a proper “gunmetal” slotted between silver and black will reappear for 2023…

  4. GM you are really trying very hard to stop me from buying a new C8. One I’m tired of waiting over a year and not bringing out some kind of a white metallic.
    I’m tired of seeing grays, browns and orange. I’m seeing red. Paint a C8 with a real color.

  5. Everyone , or a whole bunch of us, have been hoping that the grey would be close or identical to the C8.R. Is it?

  6. Lackluster colors from GM once again! I wouldn’t expect anything less from them. They are always trailing behind Dodge and Ford in the color department.

  7. All 3 new colors are a giant waste of time. Altho they didn’t sell a lot of ’em, Zeus Bronze was prettier than caffiene. What we need is something much more distinctive, like a deep blue metallic, turquoise (a la 1958) or black rose. Also, all new wheel designs are in order; the current ones are awful IMHO.

  8. Welp gotta say I’m so glad I got the Sebring Orange! I’m definitely more of a metallic guy and I really feel it made the Orange color so nice! Amplify orange not terrible though and I’m sure is gonna look good, just flat so not quite as nice IMO.

  9. I have a Shadow Gray coupe on order. Really hope it gets built as a 2021because the Hypersonic Gray doesn’t do much for me.

  10. Chevy should be worrying more about how they can fill all of the outstanding orders instead of more colors. Need to make sure they can get all the parts to build the cars first.

  11. From looking at the picture of the Caffeine C8 I think the color looks similar to Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic on my C7 except Caffeine is a little darker and has more of a brown tint.

  12. adding Hypersonic Gray is just another shade of two colors already on their paint options. Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic and Silver Flair Metallic is the exact same colors just different shades. That was one thing nice about the Shadow Gray Metallic is that it showed depth and the color has a blue hue to it. I also have an order in for SGM in hopes it gets built before the change over. I don’t like any other colors.

  13. Well darn. When I first saw the Sebring Orange I fell in love. That color looked different depending on light, and sparkled in the sunshine. Flat Orange like the Camaro has is just going to be Blah. Now I have to come up with something else for my build.

  14. I was going to order a Shadow Gray in ’22 but guess I will switch to the Elkhart Lake Blue. Don’t care for the Hypersonic Gray. If I was going to go that light, I would go with the Silver Flare Metallic. The Hypersonic Gray is too close to that color. I think the Shadow Gray was more sinister looking while still showing body details better than the black.

  15. If they could do a Matte version of the Amplify Orange, I might be genuinely interested.

    The Caffeine is okay. My bro says, “It looks like poop brown.”

    Absolutely NO to Hypersonic Gray. I get it I get it: Fifty Shades of Gray. Yet another addition to the most boring colors on the road: black, white, and silver/gray.

  16. It’s really hard to get these colors, until u see them on the car. I was hoping if it had to be grey, it would be the nano grey like the R 8. Grey in general is boring to me. The nano grey is classy. Corvette is a classy fun car, make the colors match the excitement of this piece of art.

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