Nearly 70 Percent of 2021 Corvette Buyers are Selecting the Z51 Performance Package


69 Percent of 2021 Corvette Buyers Selecting Z51 Peformance Package

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

As we continue our deep dive into the 2021 Corvette order statistics as presented last Friday by the Corvette Team at the National Corvette Museum’s Bash Event, we have the breakdown of the four different chassis options that customers are choosing for the 2021 model year.

According to the Corvette Team, there are a total of 19,362 Corvettes in GM’s Order Bank for 2021 which represent pending orders and those that have already been completed.

The results so far are very surprising and I actually did a double-take as I saw that both the non-Z51 base car (FE1) and the (FE3) Z51 performance package had been ordered by the same percentage numbers (23% each). But what puts the Z51 package far and ahead out front are the 46% of customers ordering the FE4 suspension which includes both Z51 and Magnetic Ride Control. Only 8% of non-Z51 customers are taking advantage of the standalone FE2 Magnetic ride control which was a new option for the 2021 models.

2021 Corvette Chassis Selection

  • FE1 – 23% (Base)
  • FE2 – 08% (Base with Magnetic Ride Control)
  • FE3 – 23% (Z51)
  • FE4 – 46% (Z51 with Magnetic Ride Control)

Z51 Corvette Brakes

Photo Credits: Keith Cornett

The Z51 Performance Package is the track-capable option and recommended by GM if you are planning to track your Corvette. The package features additional engine cooling, a beefier suspension and larger brakes, Michelin’s summer-rated Pilot Sport 4s tires, and an aerodynamic front splitter and rear spoiler. The Electronic Limited Slip Differential and Performance Rear Axle Ratio are also included. By default, when you check the Z51 box, you also get the NPP Performance Exhaust. The Z51 package isn’t cheap with Chevrolet increasing the cost of it for the 2021 model year by $995 to $5,995.

The FE4 suspension Magnetic Ride Control option adds $1,895 on top of the Z51 package price for a total of $7,890. The fact that the FE4 is on nearly half of all 2021 Corvettes shows the importance that customers put in these two key options.

Tenneco C8 Exhaust System

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In addition to the four different chassis options, GM also tells us that 87% of all 2021 Corvettes are equipped with the NPP performance exhaust system. While only 8% of non-Z51 base Corvettes are selecting the FE2 Magnetic Ride Control, a total of 18% of base cars are equipped with the NPP. So what does that tell you? One take would be that Corvette owners care more about the sound of their cars, than they do with enhancing the ride, but the other part of it is that the NPP offers the additional 5 horsepower. Base customers may be passing on the cost of the Z51, but they still want that 495-hp and yes, they want the tunable sound that comes with it.

Lastly, the E60 Front Lift Option was selected by 58.4% of 2020 Corvette buyers at a cost of $1,495. For the 2021 model year, Chevrolet increased it to $1,995. Instead of the price increase being a deterrent, the E60 option penetration has increased to 61%. That will show ’em!


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  1. My Stingray C8 has a GT ride without mag ride, spoilers, valved pipes, or track brakes! The engineers got it right. Z51 is for the bean counters at GM. Z51s weight is higher also.

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