Corvette Assembly Plant to Close Next Week Over Transmission Parts Supply Issue


Corvette Assembly Plant to Close Next Week Over Transmission Parts Supply Issue

Photo Credit: Jeremy Welborn

If you don’t know whether or not the Corvette Assembly Plant is running at any given time this month, you are not alone.

After being closed the first two weeks of February for supply issues related to aluminum structures and transmissions, and then losing several more days to a wicked winter storm last week, the C8 Corvette assembly line will be stopped once again next week following another transmission parts supply issue.

That bit of bad news comes from the Detroit News which has confirmed the plant will be shut down the week of March 1st over continuing transmission parts supply issues.

“Our supply chain, manufacturing and engineering teams are working closely with our supply base to mitigate any further impact on production, and we expect the plant to resume normal operations on Monday, March 8,” GM spokesman David Barnas said in a statement to The Detroit News [subscription required].

The Corvette Assembly Plant runs two shifts and during a normal production week, a total of 930 Corvettes can be produced. According to trackers who follow C8 Corvette production, the plant has only been able to complete 677 Corvettes this month through February 23rd. So far, the plant has produced 5,357 Corvettes for the 2021 model year.

The Detroit News also says the ongoing semiconductor chip supply issue is causing disruptions for automakers. GM has tried to mitigate impact to its best selling and highest profit vehicles that include full-size trucks, SUVs, and the Corvette. Unfortunately, critical parts supply issues with vendors are what’s keeping that from happening. The Corvette Assembly Plant is expected to reopen on Monday, March 8th.

The Detroit News

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  1. These idiots should have built the 19 for another year until they had all their ducks in a row. I wonder what defects and decalls are down the road. Of course GM can blame their suppliers and the weather.

  2. These idiots should have built the 19 for another year until they had all their ducks in a row. I wonder what defects and recalls are down the road. Of course GM can blame their suppliers and the weather.

  3. Don’t you just love a JUST-IN-TIME supply chain. It’s so efficient and reliable…just like the business metrics course in grad school said it would be.

  4. Having backup parts stock on hand costs money, but how much does it cost for lose in production? Try buying a part for any car that is just released, they are all being sent to the production line.

  5. Once again another shut down due to another parts supplier problem. Buyers are getting fed up with production delays as well as dealer price-gouging. In the meantime more Mustangs and more Challengers are being ordered, produced and delivered. Someone said it previously; GM should have produced 40,000 2020 Corvettes and should be well on their way to 50,000 2021 models. Who’s managing the operation?????

  6. Maybe it’s all BS too many excuses Covid,transmission parts, micro chips, the weather, a strike maybe they don’t want making the 2021s this way the big increase comes for the 2022s. I put my order in November 2019 & still waiting. Glad I did not sell the vette I have now

  7. Another in the long list of disasters.Maybe they should build the trannys in another country that’s hungry for business. My Freightliner truck has a Mercedes transmission it works great. Why offer a car you can’t get?

  8. No new Corvettes on the lot to test drive and buy??? Somebody should get fired for this huge loss of sales.

  9. Obviously an idiot is managing the operation. When l was a purchasing manager, l always told the purchasing agents to have a primary supplier and a secondary supplier. If the primary supplier missed delivery schedules twice he then became the secondary supplier until he could improve his efficiency. The secondary supplier became the primary supplier. We always had a two week, backup supply of critical parts. Obviously this new world system believes in a perfect world all of the time.

  10. I have a C8 and can attest, y’all certainly won’t feel this way once you get yours. Say what you want but there is no denying the quality of the vehicle they are producing. If you know, you know!
    Sucks demand is sky high and we’re in unprecedented times, but to assume a company this size that just produced this vehicle and knows they’re selling out everywhere hasn’t done their homework to try to remedy supply issues as much as possible is pretty obtuse to say the least. But hey I’m sure they would be open to any of your suggestions. LOL

  11. Too bad the the shortages can’t be coordinated to occur during the same week.

    Seriously, one has to wonder just how many of these “shortages” have been staged to cover up glitches requiring time to generate fixes. Hmmmmm . . .

    Montana Bob

  12. This car has been irrelevant for 40 years. No one will notice if the assembly line is shut down for a while.

  13. I waited 14 months for my C8 it has 500 miles on it and has been at the dealership since January 23 waiting for a complete transmission due to failure 😞 Needless to say very disappointed in GM

  14. All this keeps Corvette values up. As long as there are multitudes of disposable income there will be a line at your local Chevrolet dealer

  15. Have 2021 3lt all opitions high wing ground effects after market wheels two tops carbon fiber.

    $ 200,000.

  16. I am fine with the delays but the price gouging is making me want to buy another brand. Total bs

  17. I can’t say anything bad for the Dealership that I have worked with to get my C8.THEY ARE MOST RESPECTFUL TOWARD THERE CUSTOMERS.The Salesman that takes care of the Corvette Sales part of the Program is a man of his WORD.The G. M. over Sales is a great guy and as fair as anyone would ever want to Deal with.They don’t believe in gouging and will treat everyone as if they are the only customer they have had. and along with that if you are looking for anything other than A Corvette you get the same deal just a great bunch of Honest Folks.Come to Pataskala OHIO to buy your Chevrolet Cars And Trucks and Corvettes YOU CAN COUNT ON IT.I am not a Salesman But I have Purchased Many Trucks and Corvettes from them Take A Trip and try them out there is 1 One Dealer in town.

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