Winter Storm Disrupts the Reopening Plans at the Corvette Assembly Plant


Winter Storm Disrupts the Reopening Plans at the Corvette Assembly Plant

The Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green reopened Monday morning following a two-week closure due to an ongoing parts shortage related to aluminum structural components and transmissions. However, workers were sent home early and the 2nd shift was called off due to a dangerous winter storm that swept across the center of the country.

The C8 Corvette Owners Facebook Group reported that just five Corvettes were completed for the day.

Chevrolet provided a statement on Monday to the Corvette Action Center regarding the status of the Bowling Green facility saying, “They did start up this morning on 1st but 2nd shift was canceled due to the impacts of winter weather. While normal operations are planned for tomorrow [Tuesday], we’re going to continue to monitor the weather.”

We reached out to a member of the Corvette Team this morning who told us 1st shift on Tuesday was told to stay home, and 2nd shift is being evaluated based on the current weather conditions.

GM closed facilities across multiple states beginning on Sunday. Shifts were canceled on Sunday and Monday at plants in Texas and Tennessee, while plants in Kentucky and Missouri were affected on Monday only. The Detroit Free Press says that slightly more than 8,000 workers have been affected across the four states and GM will continue to monitor weather conditions.

The National Corvette Museum was also closed on Monday and will remain closed until Wednesday due to the weather conditions.

Corvette Action Center and the Detroit Free Press

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  1. Holy smoke GM I defiantly government motors another excuse to screw their customers. I guess they will be closing for spring break next.

  2. Who woulda thunk that a job at the Bowling Green plant, assembling Corvettes would be a part-time job!

    Montana Bob

  3. It just gets worse every day! Zora has turned over in his grave. Maybe in a couple of years?

  4. My car at 3400 was supposed to be built in the 1st week of Feb… Now likely the last week of Feb.

  5. Wow you guys are all assholes I have family that works there and sorry not sorry there life is more important than your car. We had close 1/2 inch of ice and over 6 inches of snow. The roads were terrible and that was in the city. The county roads were worse. Maybe be understanding and realize that this isn’t their fault. Now I see why GM doesn’t care about their employees when you have assholes for customers who think their entitlement is more important than the human lives that work so hard to build these cars.

  6. With a year or so worth of backlogged orders, Corvette will sell every car they will make easily for a long time to come.
    Does anyone realize how much $$$ is being held up one day by a closure? Say an average of $80 K each car x 170 cars = $13.6 million dollars worth of inventory at stake EVERY DAY! In the face of that, does anyone really believe GM is sitting on their butts on this? Just to pay workers not to work and to hold back on making huge money for the company?

    My car should finally be built this or next week and every day the plant is in operation I am so grateful for this example of extreme and effective productivity.

  7. Albert,

    Why did you sell it so soon?

    Did you not like it?

    If so, what displeased you about the car?

    Did you purchase it with the intention of turning it for purposes of obtaining a profit?

    Just curious. No dis intended.

    Montana Bob

  8. Anyone have current info on operations/assembly @ the plant? I thought I read somewhere that they got back open for a week, then closed down again due to supply chain problems? My car was thought maybe to be set for production in April, but that was before multiple lost production weeks.

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