2021 Corvette Production and Constraints Update


2021 Corvette Production and Constraints Update

Photo Credit: Jeremy Welborn

Even though the Corvette Assembly Plant has been paused for the week, there is still some happenings on the ordering and production front to make you aware of. On Wednesday, Chevrolet sent out an update to dealers regarding production and dealers also received their allocations for the next three months.

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the global semiconductor shortage that’s affecting automotive production. It was initially believed that the chip shortage is what closed the assembly plant this week, but according to the dealer memo, this week’s pause in production was due to shortages in aluminum structural parts and transmissions.

Regarding the chip shortage, Chevrolet is said to have prioritized its highest revenue-generating vehicles to receive chips and that includes the Corvette and the Chevy Silverado pickups. We have another piece coming up that dives into the shortage with more details.

As far as constraints go, there are no new items added to the list that previously contained the (VST) Illuminated Sill Plates and the (5DF) Black Trident Wheels. The Black wheels have not been available for some time and one of our dealers told us that GM has removed them from a bunch of orders as well as reinvoicing cars that are still waiting for them. Looks like if you want black wheels, you’ll have to go with either the (Q8Q) Carbon Flash Open Spoke design or go aftermarket.

The Assembly Plant is scheduled to start back up on Monday, February 8th, and apparently there will be some sort of media statement made on February 8th as well. The memo says that the Corvette Concierge Team is being prepared as well which we assume to mean they are being prepped to answer specific questions about your orders. Stay tuned for this as well.

The last piece of information says that the National Corvette Museum’s R8C delivery program capacity has been increased to 55 deliveries per week. Even though the plant is closed this week, deliveries are still happening at the NCM, and cars are still being transported to dealers.

As mentioned in the intro, allocations were released to dealers which will cover the months of February, March, and April. We can’t share any specific numbers but one dealer alluded that the amount was significantly more than the total received during November – January.

For the 2021 model year, a total of 4,648 Corvettes have been produced through January 29th.


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  1. My dealer stated they only got feb allocations which was a big fat zero. Haven’t got a 2021 allocation yet. I’m doing pretty well good for a car I ordered 8/24/2019!!!!’?????!

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