BREAKING: The Corvette Assembly Plant Will Be Shut Down Week of February 8th


BREAKING: The Corvette Assembly Plant Will Be Shut Down Week of February 8th

Photo Credit: Jeremy Welborn

The Corvette Assembly Plant will be closed for another week according to those in the know we spoke with this afternoon. This news comes despite the earlier notice this week that the plant would reopen on February 8th. The plant is now rescheduled to open up on February 15th.

Our friends at the Corvette Action Center received a message from Chevy regarding next week’s closure:

Due to a temporary parts supply issue, we can confirm that Bowling Green Assembly will not run production the week of February 8. Our supply chain, manufacturing and engineering teams are working closely with our supply base to mitigate any further impact on production, and we expect the plant to resume normal operations on Monday, February 15.

This week’s shutdown was related to shortages with the Corvette’s aluminum structures and transmissions. Next week’s shutdown could be part of the global shortage of semiconductor chips that has been in the news lately. GM announced earlier this week that four facilities would be shutting down due to the chip shortage, but Bowling Green Assembly wasn’t one of the plants listed at the time.

We’ll bring you any updates when we can.

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  1. Paid deposit in 1/20, promised car by 6/20. TPW finally scheduled for 2/1/21 Then 2/8. Now 2/15. The car you don’t really need has become the car you can’t get.

  2. The real tragedy is all those ships just swimming around LA trying to get in and unload. Covid has created a need for the ships to socially distance themselves, I reckon.

  3. And the elite get theirs in 2 months mysteriously.
    I think GM is startng to scam this car along with thd dealerships for inflated prices.

  4. Deposit and initial order in November 2019. Finally got a 3000 classification last week. Now this! The dealerships I have ordered from have not inflated MSRP. I guess some are but the car remains as priced aside from the 2021 small pricing differences. Still a bargain and I am still
    waiting. Anthony, accusing GM of scamming this car is ridiculous. You actually think GM and
    the Corvette factory do not want to produce and sell as many cars as quickly as possible?

  5. what a joke, funny how a celebrity can get one in a month or two, will never buy a gm auto again, have always had corvettes since i was 16 and now at 69 this will be my last gm car

  6. Does someone know if the optional Composite Rocker Panel Extensions can be canceled when the order is at Event Status 3000?

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