C7 Corvette Owners Facing a Tire Shortage


C7 Corvette Owners Facing a Tire Shortage

The new mid-engine Stingray isn’t the only Corvette-related product in short supply.

According to GM Authority, the worldwide pandemic has led to a shortage of replacement rear tires for widebody versions of the C7, including the Grand Sport, Z06, and ZR1.

“The issues are related to our spring shutdowns and higher than expected demand in the fall,” a spokesperson for one tiremaker, Continental Tire, told GM Authority in a statement.

Tire manufacturers lost precious production time last spring because of coronavirus shutdowns, and in the months since being able to resume production, they’ve understandably focused their attention on replenishing supplies of their best sellers.

That means niche tires such as the 335/25/20 rears for the relatively low numbers needed for C7 upgrade variants are hard, if not impossible, to find right now. The 285/30/20 rear tires for the base Stingray aren’t affected, fortunately.

We were able to locate some Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZP rears for a whopping $552.53 each through a search on one national retailer’s website, but the tires apparently wouldn’t be delivered until March 30.

GM Authority says it has been told production of the larger rear tires could resume production by mid-March, so that would seem to mesh with our findings, too.

In the meantime, Grand Sport, Z06, and ZR1 owners, go easy on those burnouts! Stingray owners, though, have at it!

GM Authority

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  1. Finding the wider rears is almost always an issue even without a pandemic. The more narrow fronts are usually in stock at most places. But the rears are continuesly out of stock or are on backorder most of the time. My 2014 SRT Viper TA is a nightmare when it comes buying tires due to cost and availability! But I’ve rarely had any issues finding tires for any of my ZO6’S or my C7 ZR1.

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