[VIDEO] Give Your Corvette A Race-Inspired Look with this Simple $12 Mod


[VIDEO] Give Your Corvette A Race-Inspired Look with this Simple $12 Mod

Do you own a Corvette (or, at least, a vehicle with tires)? Do you have the itch to modify but can’t stomach the costs usually associated with upgrading your ride? Do you have a closet/garage/entire house full of Dale Jr. gear and/or a Lightning McQueen-obsessed kid that helps shape your aesthetic taste in automobiles?

If so, then you are in luck! Up and coming YouTube channel, the Daily Downshift has an idea for you! If you are looking for a NASCAR-approved look, the DD brothers will teach you how to give your stock Michelins that racy, raised white letter look, for just $12! If you happen to be unable to view the video for any reason or want this all written down, we will walk you through the process below.

What you’ll need: Acetone (C3H6O), Oil-Based White Sharpies, a Razor Blade, four hours of time (just two if you have your brother helping you out).

Step 1: Wipe off all desired areas/letters using the Acetone. It is stronger than rubbing alcohol and will get your sidewall as clean as possible.

Step 2: Open Sharpie pens, shake obscenely, prime somewhere other than on the tire, once oil-based paint starts flowing, go to work tracing and coloring in your desired tire letters and, if you are as talented as the hosts, the Michelin Man.

Step 2.5: Use the blade to clean up any messy edges or oopsies. (can be done here, or after Step 3, on dry or still drying paint)

Step 3: Let dry and apply more coats as needed (the presenters did four layers of Sharpie paint).

Annnnnd, there you have it, folks! A fun, DIY mod for your new baby that won’t break the bank and even provides an opportunity to get the artsy person in your life (kid, wife, etc.) involved in your hobby! Good luck and keep your eyes on the Daily Downshift as they are hoping to decrease the “disgusting” gap in the wheel wells next. Dale and Lightening will be proud!

Daily Downshift / YouTube

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  1. I’m in my 70’s and I use to do this to a lot of my cars…we didn’t have sharpie pens but we used a model paint brush and white rubberized paint. Made a difference then as it does today.

  2. I’d be afraid of messing up my expensive Michelins doing this. Rubbing acetone on the sidewalls can discolor them and I wouldn’t dare scrape them with a razor blade either. How long does an oil based Sharpie hold up on a rubber sidewall?

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