1984 Corvette Billed as World’s Fastest Corvette is Donated to the National Corvette Museum


1984 Corvette Billed as World's Fastest Corvette is Donated to the National Corvette Museum

Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

Setting speed records in a Corvette is as American as, well, as this red, white and blue 1984 Corvette that is billed as the “World’s Fastest Corvette.”

Of course, this 1984 Corvette didn’t start out quite that fast with its stock 205-horsepower 350 V8 engine, but extensive modifications in 1986 turned it into what Hot Rod Magazine, in its December 1989 issue, termed one of the 10 most awesome race cars of the 1980s.

Now the car has been donated to the National Corvette Museum.

This Corvette proudly wears its significant accomplishments on the back glass, where several of its speed records are listed.

Juris Mindenbergs of Redmond, Washington bought the car in 1986 and decided to modify it extensively for Bonneville racing, and on Oct. 1, 1988, at a USFRA Bonneville meet, he drove the Corvette to a top speed of 271.04 mph with his two-way average of 266.45 mph breaking Mickey Thompson’s long-standing mark in the AA-GT class.

A subsequent owner, Bobby Moore of Tulsa, Oklahoma, also established several Bonneville class records, including in 2004 surpassing Mindenbergs’ 1988 AA-GT record.

Mindenbergs bought the vehicle again in 2016 and donated it to a museum in the Pacific Northwest in 2019. Now it’s headed to the National Corvette Museum.

National Corvette Museum

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