RUMOR: GM May Be Working on a Corvette-Branded Electric SUV for 2025


RUMOR: GM May Be Working on a Corvette-Branded Electric SUV for 2025

Earlier this week the blogosphere was going crazy over an SUV spotted during GM’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) presentation. That SUV turns out to be a Buick EV concept, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t the potential for a Corvette-branded SUV in the works.

We’ve been hearing about GM creating a multi-vehicle line-up around the Corvette for years now and with the major push for electrification, this could be the time for GM to act.

The automaker has pledged $27 billion to build 30 new EVs by 2025, and sources familiar with the plans told Bloomberg that one of those could be a new electric vehicle inspired by the Corvette. The report says that GM has its design team “working on several Corvette-brand concept vehicles to target a wider range of buyers.” The goal is to “blend Corvette’s reputation for high-performance driving and rakish style with creature comforts such as more interior room and storage.”

A Corvette-branded crossover could go on sale as soon as 2025 which fits the timeline for GM’s electrification push. This would be a pure battery electric vehicle (BEV) and not a vehicle with a hybrid powertrain that could be coming to the Corvette lineup in 2023 as the rumored E-Ray/Grand Sport model.


GM could be that GM is following in the footsteps of cross-town rival Ford which utilized the heritage of the Mustang to launch the Mustang Mach E. Meanwhile, Porsche has been very successful in launching a number of branded vehicles outside the sports-car platform.

During the CES presentation, GM’s VP of Design Mike Simcoe said GM’s Ultium battery pack enables the company to make a wide range of models, especially for a broad brand like Chevrolet. “The Ultium platform will allow Chevrolet to further expand its range of electric vehicles to full-size pickup trucks, compact crossovers, and even high-performance vehicles,” he said.

A spokesperson for General Motors refused to comment on the story.

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  1. This would be pure travesty. Besides, doesn’t GM already have enough SUV’s?

    The Corvette is a model of car…not a brand.

  2. They should b working on a front engine corvette ,bring back the gs. You lost me as a customer!! For me need larger trunk space !!!

  3. First of all, GM needs to stop copying Ford’s ideas, full stop. The Corvette is not GM’s Mustang, and vise versa, not to mention the Mustang is both a more mass market car and also not their halo. Granted, Ford has only occasionally built a halo car, the GT for a couple of limited runs in the past, what 20ish years, and that’s it since the Thunderbird’s heyday when it actually was a Corvette rival.
    And the Porsche situation is also not comparable directly. Porsche is a brand, not a model. There is no 911 SUV or Cayman SUV. Corvette is not, and should not, be a brand.
    GM wants to start a performance oriented electric line-up with some built in cred? Cool, bring back the Pontiac name. They were the mass market performance brand (at least supposed and marketed to be). There, problem solved. Refuse to resurrect the Pontiac name? Fine, than just call them Chevys and don’t belittle and tarnish the Corvette.

  4. Corvette is a sports car. Not an SUV. Why would you ever consider making it an SUV.
    If you wish to improve the Corvette bring back the front engine Corvette and offer the customer his/her choice regarding engine location. How many SUV do you need in the line up?

  5. We can see where GM is headed with the Corvette – most respected model in the GM stable and the suits are going to milk it for all it’s worth. First move – get rid of the race cars – no association needed with speed to sell e-vehicles to the masses. Then, move all of the top engineers (those who have been on the Corvette design team) into the e-design department. Once they’ve created the Corvette SUV and P/U, they’ll brand a Corvette e-economy car that all can afford. And we’ll be remembering the good ole days…

  6. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER, Cheapening the Corvette Model by using the name and styling cues to sell ANOTHER SUV. How many of those damn things does GM have in their line up? They sure don’t need another one. Comparing SUV’s to Corvettes, is like comparing a Clydesdale
    to a Thoroughbreds. Two different and separate, vehicle and one doesn’t have a thing to do with the other. If a person wants a car that looks like a Corvette….then BUY a Corvette, NOT having the Bean Counters trying another ploy to tack a Corvette nameplate on what basically is
    a truck chassis, and try to pass it off as a NEW and exciting vehicle That’s just plain B.S.

  7. Corvette SUV, don’t make a silk purse into a sows ear! Corvette is the Great American Sports Car, not a Mustang Secretary Car! Don’t screw things up with a Corvette SUV!

  8. God damn it Gm, you had better NOT friggen do that!! WTF!!?? GM has enough damn SUV’s don’t you dare ruin the flagship. Stop watching those damn Ford commercials. My god, why the hell are we even discussing this bs!?

  9. If GM wants to create a cool SUV, do it. But leave what is now a world class Supercar out of it. Let Ford be Ford. You are far better than that.

  10. Going on 70 years of success as a model not brand. Don’t change it. Would hate to see it turn into something like the Japanese or Korean brands that come out every year with new stupid names for basically a SUV. Leave that crap for the soccer moms.

  11. Everything I was thinking has already been said.
    I have no idea how serious GM is in this notion, nor if the universally negative sentiment of the worldwide Corvette community of owners and fans of Corvettes would really influence their ca$h-driven considerations.
    “Travesty” IS the first word that came to mind. The Corvette is an iconic vehicle with a distinguished heritage. And surely the world already DOES have enough SUVs.
    The Corvette is a 2-seater sports car… No real Corvette fan would ever want an SUV bearing the Corvette name… It’s an absolutely abhorrent idea. ‘Hope you’re listening, GM . . .

  12. As a owner of Corvettes for over 30 years I say Gm is crazy. A corvette should be a SUV as much as a Mustang should be a SUV. I wouldn’t buy either one. If you want to build a electric SUV use the name in your present lineup like Equinox, Trax or Trailblazer. Ford is taking the Maverick name and making it a little pickup. Strange for sure.
    GM has already taken away great sedans like the Impala and La cross. They push the SUV’s and left the sedan people dry. My god the Corvette is a sports car, not a SUV.

  13. Corvette as an SUV – I don`t think so !!!!! Don`t try to follow the SUV or European sport car crowd – keep it unique and North American. I love my C7 Z06 !!

  14. I’m not surprised by the negative reactions here. The exact same thing happened when Porsche 911 owners bad-mouthed the first Cayenne. But the Cayenne turned out to be good for everyone, and the 911 lives on in fine shape. Plenty of Corvette owners would buy a 4-6 passenger high performance stablemate in a heartbeat. But it has to be done right. The SUV concept shown in this article doesn’t cut it, and that is the fault of GM VP Michael Simcoe, who has already shown he is NOT a world class designer (look at the Cadillac Ionic or CTS-5). but that’s another discussion for another time. A Corvette SUV sub-brand is an OK idea, but if I were a betting man, I’d wager GM would screw it up exactly like Ford has done with the phony Mustang Mach-E. Not good.

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