[PICS] But Wait! Here are More 2021 Corvette Options That Were Revealed Today


[PICS] But Wait! Here are More 2021 Corvette Options That Were Revealed Today

Earlier today Chevrolet put out a press release detailing the new options coming to the 2021 Corvette and we were very excited to see the first photo of the new Silver Flare Metallic that is one of two new colors being introduced. Little did we know that Chevrolet has also dropped additional photos elsewhere on the web including this photo of the 2nd new exterior, Red Mist Metallic Tintcoat!

FYI, I would have included all this in today’s earlier 2021 post but since so many of you eager Corvette fans have already looked at that, I decided to make a separate post for this latest info. If you haven’t seen the picture of Silver Flare, you can see it here:

The Red Mist photo was posted on Chevrolet’s Corvette Instagram Page with the caption that reads, “We’ve added to the legacy, check out the link in the bio to see all the updates to the 2021 #Corvette. #Stingray #Vette #C8”:

The Red Mist Metallic is a very exciting new color that harkens back to the first tintcoat paint released on the 1999 Corvettes. That color was Magnetic Red (paint code 127B), and according to our friend and occasional contributor Robert Casey, that color was discontinued in late 1999 and was replaced with Magnetic Red Metallic II which had the same RPO code at the previous color but a different paint code (379E).

It’s a much darker shade of red than the popular Torch Red, but not as purple as the Long Beach Red exterior it replaces. We imagine this also has a lot of metal flakes based on the photo and it’s no wonder that Corvette Team members like Tadge Juechter are ordering the color for their personal CTF (Captured Test Fleet) car to be built later this year.

As the graphic above shows, all the Corvette’s colors that are Tintcoats come with an extra charge. Accelerate Yellow and Rapid Blue will cost you an additional $500 for the color while Sebring Orange and Long Beach Red are offered for $995. At this time, the extra cost for Mist Red is unknown.

The link on the Instagram bio directed me to the 2020 Corvette product page at Chevrolet.com. Towards the very bottom is also a preview of several 2021 options and from that, we get an example of how the Stinger graphic will look as well as the new interior combo of Sky Cool Gray/Strike Yellow.

The Stinger Graphic utilizes the body lines on the front of the car and there are three color combos that also match the current Hash Mark graphics that are available. The Stingers will be available in Carbon Flash/Edge Red, Carbon Flash/Edge Yellow, and Carbon Flash/Midnight Silver:

Stinger Graphic on the 2021 Corvette

The Sky Cool Gray/Strike Yellow interior is rumored to be available as a 3LT color combo only. It’s our speculation that this interior will make up part of the unannounced but also rumored “Stingray R” special edition:

Sky Cool Gray/Strike Yellow Interior for the 2021 Corvette

On the Corvette.com page, Chevrolet is also sharing rendered paint swatches of the two new colors as well as a preview of the stripes package. Here are the Orange Dual Racing Stripes on a Silver mid-engine Corvette:

Sky Cool Gray/Strike Yellow Interior for the 2021 Corvette

As we stated previously, expect ordering of the 2021 models to begin on July 30th.


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  1. Since the C8 I plan to order will be a Z51 and not the wide body GS AND I like to add some color but not fender has marks ( since it won’t be a GS) I like the “stinger graphic” on the hood. My color will be the new silver so the carbon flash/red combo is perfect. Please Chevy, make the C8 available with the Family First discount some time in 2021.

  2. Late at night, hiding in the shadows and lurking in dark corners, the wild untamed “Free-Vette” bellows thunder from here, from there, from where? Tame fording-horses and red-eye kitties scatter hither and yon, scared of the beast that’s free to roam their corrals.

    But we have hero’s on the hunt. Magic Tadge and his Platoon of ex-Seal sharpshooters, armed to the teeth with the latest powerful tranquilizer darts. They search, they hunt, they track, they stalk, listening for the squeal of tortured tires and the thump of beaten apex kerbing, until they trace the exact location of the beast….

    And bang goes the tranquilizer guns, bang bang Bang! The Free-Vette is tagged, slowing down to only 120mph, 100 mph, eventually finally falling to engine-off after a valiant struggle against the drugs.

    But Tadge and his platoon are victorious. They bagged another one! They shout in celebration: “Captured! Your on the Test Fleet now, Vette!”

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