[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Owner Shuts Down a Supra and Two Hellcats at the Drag Strip


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Owner Shuts Down a Supra and Two Hellcats At the Drag Strip

Chalk off three more competitors for the new mid-engine Corvette, at least in this video just posted on YouTube by Zac over at Corvette Direct.

Since picking up his Sebring Orange 2020 Corvette coupe at the National Corvette Museum on March 16, Zac has been using his Stingray as his daily driver and at the time of this video on the Fourth of July, he was already closing in on 10,000 miles.

In an earlier video, Zac came away as an enthusiastic supporter of using the new Corvette as a DD, but today he – and we – are concerned with what the Stingray will do on the drag strip.

He’s added Kooks Headers and Green Cats to his car, gaining 5 horsepower and 9 lb-ft of torque on the dyno, and says he’s not expecting much gains with his times, calling the aftermarket changes “more of a sound thing” because he wants a louder C8 that, he says, was “a little bit quiet” for his tastes.

Zac’s best time of the night turns out to be his first run, an 11.3 at 120 mph (1.74 for 60 feet), when he blows the doors off a 2020 Supra with an E93 tune and downpipe head exhaust.

[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Owner Shuts Down a Supra and Two Hellcats At the Drag Strip

“I’m definitely happy with 11.3,” he says, noting his previous best had been 11.4. “So 11.3 … inching it down to that 11.2 Chevy claims.”

His goal, he says, remains an 11.2, but he doesn’t manage to accomplish that on this night, at least.

“I did spin a little bit, so we’re gonna warm up the tires a little bit more next go-around and see if we can lay down a better time,” he says of his first run against the Supra.

In the second and third runs, first a Charger Hellcat and then a Challenger Hellcat fall victim to the mid-engine Corvette.

The run against the Charger was 11.4 at 119 mph, with 1.74 in 60 feet and 7.32 in the eighth-mile.

[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Owner Shuts Down a Supra and Two Hellcats At the Drag Strip

The time slowed just a little on the third run, with the C8 running 11.49 seconds to finish ahead of the Challenger’s 12.12.

The consistency continued for the Corvette in the fourth and final run, a rematch against the Charger, with the Stingray running away again, turning in 11.47 at 118 mph, 1.73 in 60 feet, and 7.36 in the eighth-mile.

“I’m definitely happy with how the car performed tonight,” Zac says, noting his new Stingray seems to be running “pretty consistent” every time.

Since posting the video, viewers have posted several complimentary comments of the C8, including Kevin who says the action “just made me wanna take money out my 401k and buy me a Corvette. I don’t care, I’m doing it before a meteor, flood, or the coronavirus take us all out. I just wanna say I did it.”

I’m sure a lot of our readers feel the same way, including one fellow who believes “the new C8 is setting the bar much higher for a ‘base’ model car,” adding that the Stingray is “a beast on the strip and on a road course track.”

Corvette Direct / YouTube

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  1. Its interesting That the C8 races the Hellcats…but a Supra ? REALLY ?? Why even waste your gas on that. You could probably pour thousands of dollars into a stock Supra, and get it to run fairly decent…but it would be a car mainly for the track..and not a stock everyday driver like the C8

  2. Damn, gotta love the Vette. And I do. Why does this guy even own a Stang?? That C8 is the shit, and I do love seeing Mopars getting shut down……. Badly:) And yes they like the road course too, just watched the C8R in it’s first IMSA win and number 100 for team Corvette. Awesome

  3. another corvette happy owner keep it up budy the new vette is the way to go now chevy finally got it right whit the mid engine its giving alot for its power its just beautiful even if come the more expencive z06 zr1 zora etc im still stock with the base model its more than enough for the money really

  4. Once again (I’ve seen evidence of it over and over on C8 owners cars, the Kooks headers lose both 1 horsepower and 1 foot pound of torque. The house power gains are all on the green cats which are excellent except in California where they are patently illegal but owners put them on anyway. The reason is obvious. The flange on the Kooks headers look to have smaller openings out of the cylinders than do the stock C8 units. One more thing. There are at least two if not three owners who have put down a PDR 2.7, 0 – 60 time in the C8. 100% of those have come thus far with the stock exhaust system. I’d say Corvette has the performance dialed in pretty good. There also are plenty of 2.8’s recorded on the PDR, all over the country and I believe one in Canada, as well. When 3.0 and 2.9 are claimed by the company and the C8 produces better results consistently, it shows the kind of job that the engineering team did along with the competence of the suppliers and the build teams. Very difficult to do, especially these days. You can offer Z06 and Gran Sport and ZL1 and Zora for quite a bit of more money. But for some of the best track times ever, a straight 1LT with a Z51 has shown thus far, the fastest times a Corvette has ever recorded in base. Those who will have only the higher option cars down the road, are missing something special. AF

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