GM Issues an Order and Production Update For 2020 and 2021 Corvettes


GM Issues an Order and Production Update For 2020 and 2021 Corvettes

With all the uncertainty surrounding Corvette production over the last few months and with many owners not knowing if their 2020 Corvette orders will be produced, we’ve been waiting for Chevrolet to offer “guidance” to dealers on this issue. Today, dealers received an update from General Motors and it looks to be exactly what we’ve been hearing up until this point.

2020 Corvette Orders

If you have placed an order for a 2020 Corvette, and your event status is at 3000 or higher, your order for the 2020 model year will be produced. All orders at status 3000 or higher are expected to be completed by November.

If you have ordered a 2020 Corvette, and your event code is at 1100, GM will not be able to build it. Your 2020 order will need to be changed to a 2021 Corvette. Your dealer will be contacting you so they can resubmit it as a 2021. If you don’t know your Event Status, your dealer can tell you that or you can contact the Corvette Concierge.

Ordering for the 2021 Corvette models opens on July 30th so if you are a 2020 Corvette buyer with an Event Code of 1100, I would be proactively contacting your dealer to set up a time to redo the order.

General Motors is keeping the base price of the 2021 Corvette Stingray Coupes and Convertibles the same as 2020, but don’t be surprised if some of the option prices are different. And when I say different, I mean higher…

Production of the 2020 Corvette Convertibles will start on August 3rd. One thing to note is that dealers were told that Convertible production would make up 10-15% of total 2020 Corvettes produced. During the Virtual NCM Bash, the chart that was shared by the Corvette Team showed Convertibles accounted for 17% of 2020 orders.

2021 Corvette Orders

As mentioned above, ordering for the 2021 model year will open up on July 30th. No allocation numbers have yet been released to dealers, but we know it will be based on 2020 model year sales, which of course were based on a multi-year average of C7 Corvette sales. GM will be sending allocation information to dealers in two-month increments.

Production of the 2021 Corvettes will start in November once all 2020 Corvette orders have been completed.

Chevrolet will be sharing the 2021 Corvette Order Guide at the end of July and we expect to learn of any price changes for the 2021 model year between then and when ordering starts on July 30th.

The Corvette Team previously announced some of the updates for the 2021 Corvette at the Virtual NCM Bash. They include two new exterior colors, availability of MagRide without Z51, and some other options including a rumored special edition Corvette.

Other Production Updates

In our last production update, we’ve told you based on sources that the 2nd shift was expected to start the week of July 6th. We are now hearing that the assembly plant’s 1st shift will instead work overtime with 10-hour days during the week of July 6th, and then the plant will start the 2nd shift the week of July 13th. Of course, all is dependent on supplies and worker safety so we are keeping our fingers crossed!


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  1. I don’t want a late production 2020. I am at status 3000. I wish I was at 1100 at this point because I just know I am going to end up with one of the last 2020s and then the 2021s will come out right after. Instantly one model year old. Generally speaking, the previous year model is generally a discounted car, not a full price car.

  2. Those getting a late 2020 are going to get hammered on depreciation and be driving a 2020 car when 2022’s of other make/models will be around (Jan 1 many 2022 models come out) And even the 2021 C8’s will be arriving almost 6 mos behind other 2021’s
    Don’t believe me just check the books on 2020 C8’s around this time next year. Down around 30k with 2022’s starting to be built late summer.

  3. Somehow a 2 month plant closure has caused a 6-9 month delay vs what McMulkin promised me re delivery from when I put down a deposit. Something is wrong with that picture. Time to move on. Very disappointing.

  4. Finally have a VIN# and a TPW. This looks like it may finally happen.
    Hope to put a few miles on it then trade it in for a new Z06.

  5. The C8 ownership is not the greatest thing in the world. In a few months it will be a year since I place a deposit on a convertible and I have no clue when mine will be build. GM have pull off the greatest sale hype ever in the auto world. GM the C8 is not revolutionary it is evolutionary for the Corvette and many have design and built mid engine sport cars before you.

  6. By law, auto manufacturers cannot release or sell a model year car more than one model year ahead of the current calendar year. Those imagining that Chevrolet is going to release a 2022 model year car before the year 2020 calendar year is over with need to seek help for that hallucinatory drug habit you’re indulging in.

  7. Great I will get my car just in time to put it away for winter. I blame the union with its strike last year more than the virus shut down. How about GM add 6 month’s to the warranty of the car’s delivered after September 1st, because the car is just going to sit in a garage till April.

  8. Watch, the 2020 C8 low production number could make it instantly collectible. It quite possible that it will be more valuable like the Ferrari Daytona was in the early 70’s.

  9. I ordered mine with a 2,500 deposit last October and the salesman won’t even return my call.

  10. I ordered mine November 15, 2019. Dealer required a $10,000 deposit. Number 3 of three total allocations for the dealer. Found out Wednesday I am in the 1100 status and mine will be a 2021 built November or later. Still no VIN or TPW. Hopeful I have it by Christmas. My third Corvette, probably my last.

  11. David – What color did you get? Build? At any rate, of course 2020 production will take a late hit on the blue book value, etc. The 20K built for 2020 has a projection of 30-40 K for 2021. Mostly it will be the same car. I note a couple of the other guys want to keep theirs only a short time. A lot people want a flat plane crank engine or a Z06 package. Those of you who do not have your 2020, just wait until you get it and break it in properly and then drive it to the limit. Unless you are a professional level driver, you will not keep up with this car. It’s a gem. The 2020 will go down, hit bottom and then start to climb. It will be more valuable that a 2021. The special cars will always be more valuable than the original. Early doesn’t mean rare nor does it mean valuable per se. But sometimes certain combinations will surprise, 25 year down the road.

  12. @Alex Ford I ordered Sebring Orange Z51 3LT. Mag ride, lift, engine appearance, Natural dipped interior. Oh and comp seats. I was supposed to have had it by May and now I have no idea. But is will be a 2020. My luck an October delivery 🙁

  13. I am trying to order a 2021 Corvette but no luck. I called several Chevy dealers and they have no clue either. Also, if MSRP is around $69k and for a convertible about $69k, why are dealers doing a mark up of about $30k more? Need to get more info and order one. Any help?

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