Katech’s Track Attack LT5 Engine Produces a Remarkable 1,159 Horsepower


Katech's Track Attack LT5 Engine Produces a Remarkable 1,159 Horsepower

Photo Credit: Katech

Manufacturers have had to go to great lengths in order to keep their crate motors appealing during the golden age of factory horsepower we are currently experiencing. This has led to the creation of some phenomenal over-the-counter power plants like GM’s new naturally aspirated LS427/570 and Mopar’s Deamon-beating Hellephant.

With OEMs pushing this kind of firepower, the high-end tuners have had to go even further down the rabbit hole of insanity to distinguish their products. To that end, Katech, the minds behind our favorite LT1, just unveiled the ultimate version of the Corvette’s ultimate engine.

Katech’s wizards use the best starting point in the industry, the C7 ZR1’s supercharged 376 cubic inch LT5 V8 which, in stock form, produces a face-flattening 755 horsepower. From there they bore it out to 388 cubes and slightly up the compression ratio from 10.1:1 to 10.3:1.

They continue by CNC porting the heads, adding Diamond Pistons hi-po pistons, swapping in competition valves, and giving customers the choice of two different blowers. Option A is the factory unit that Katech does another CNC port job on while Option B comes from Magnuson and displaces an identical 2.65L.

The final numbers are staggering, torque rises from 715 lb-ft all the way to 1,063 and is still eclipsed by the engine’s remarkable 1,159 HP. One can only imagine what buyers of this mighty mill could achieve with a simple pulley swap, added boost/compression, or any of the roughly 894,000 LT-specific mods on the market.

Pricing information has yet to be disclosed but Katech’s excellence never comes cheap. The, previously mentioned, LT1 427 is about a $30,000 piece of kit and the “regular” LT5 already MSRPs for just shy of $19k from GM Performance.

Katech via CarBuzz.com

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  1. Looks like there just aren’t enough horsepower choices in motors and/or mods. All the upgraded internals on the 6.2 liter Corvette engine (haven’t heard too much of axle offerings, but those will be out there if there are any more axle failures; the exhausts. The turbos (which I presume have their own separate exhausts, because titanium being a tenK upgrade isn’t cheap especially if the turbo is then added to both save weight and to add grunt. Now with Stingray leaving Bowling Green in incredible numbers and with the Z06 not that far off, Corvette has given its fans and the public, one Bad A$$ Sports car that is American made! Bravo Tadge and team!!

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