[VIDEO] Throwback Thursday: The 1967 Corvette Known as the Green Machine


[VIDEO] Throwback Thursday: The 1967 Corvette Known as the Green Machine

About the only thing better than checking out vintage photos of Corvettes is hearing a great backstory to go with them. On today’s Throwback Thursday, our friend Mike Furman put up a great story this week on his CorvetteFurman Facebook page about his longtime friend Jim and his old 1967 Corvette nicknamed the Green Machine.

Jim bought the Green/Green 1967 Corvette L71 with the 427/435 engine new and sold it in 1969. In 1992 he stopped in a Chevy dealership where Mike was working and the two Corvette fans hit it off from the start. Jim had mentioned he once owned a 1967 Corvette and that he still had all the original paperwork for the car including the factory window sticker. Mike explained that he ran an ad in the NCRS Driveline each month (ads are free to members) looking for the 1957 Corvette once owned by his father-in-law. So Mike created an ad with the VIN of Jim’s old 1967 in December 1992.

[VIDEO] Throwback Thursday: The 1967 Corvette Known as the Green Machine

Jim and Mike at the 2020 Corvette Reveal in California

Jim remained a customer of Mike’s over the years and in the winter of 2005 he called to order a 2005 Corvette Convertible. A couple weeks later, Mike receives a call late at night from a guy asking if he still had the paperwork for the Green 1967 Corvette! This was nearly 13 years to the date that the VIN of the car was put in the NCRS magazine. Mike asks how he found him, and the caller named Gary said that he kept a log of every 1967 Corvette VIN he came across, and he had just purchased the Green Machine the day before and was looking to get the paperwork.

[VIDEO] Throwback Thursday: The 1967 Corvette Known as the Green Machine

Mike put Gary in touch with Jim, who worked in Washington D.C., and Gary arranged for his son who also works in D.C. to come view the paperwork and pass along a check. The kicker of this part of the story is that Gary’s son worked in the same building just one floor up from Jim’s office! What are the odds of that!

Jim and Mike have remained close friends and Jim even attended the reveal of the 2020 Corvette in California last year. Jim sent a few throwback photos of the Green Machine from back in the day, and he even shared with us a short video of he and his wife driving the car:

CorvetteFurman / Facebook

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  1. I bought a new 67 Goodwood Green 427 corvette .Mine was a 390 horse with side exhaust and both tops.I traded it for a 70 LT1 roadster in 1970.I traded in Louisville Ky never did know what happened t o it?I have had six corvettes Four I bought new.The last one I bought was a 78 silver anniversity I still got it today with only 48000 miles on it.Mine is all original in perfect shape I still enjoy corvettes.

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