Chevy Suspends New Orders for the 2020 Corvette and 2021 Ordering Will Start in Late May


Chevy Closes the Order Books on the 2020 Corvette as 2021 Ordering Will Start in Late May

Just before Wednesday’s news came in that GM was closing all North American manufacturing facilities through March 30th, an email was sent to Chevrolet dealers notifying them that new Sold Orders (SRE) for the 2020 Corvette will not be accepted. In the same email, dealers were told that they can begin taking orders for the 2021 Corvette in late May.

We’ve had a couple dealers reach out to us after posting the initial story so we want to clarify that this only in regards to the suspension of new sold orders and that it doesn’t prevent dealers from processing existing sold orders within allocation as the email below shows. Dealers just wrapped up orders on Tuesday for March’s 2020 allocations and they will still have the ability to fill orders for 2020s during April’s allocation period next month. In May we will see the focus on orders shift to 2021s which will begin production in September.

GM says the reason behind the suspension of orders is due to overwhelming demand for the new Corvette as well as the fact that the launch was delayed by the 6-week UAW Strike that has reduced the 2020 model year production schedule.

At this time, we have no idea how this will shake out for customers will the existing Sold Orders as Chevy ends the memo with this statement: “Further information will be forthcoming from Chevrolet regarding the handling of sold 2020 Model Year that we will be unable to accept, and the creation of a replacement 2021 Model Year sold order.”

Chevy Closes the Order Books on the 2020 Corvette as 2021 Ordering Will Start in Late May

Our Corvette Timeline has the 2021 model year production beginning the first week of September 2020 and as the memo says, GM will be opening 2021 orders a month earlier than planned with the first submissions available on May 21, 2020.

We hope there will be some clarification coming soon on how many 2020 will be built and which will be moved to 2021. However, with the coronavirus now impacting the production of the 2020s, that confirmation will not likely come until after the crisis has passed and Corvette production resumes so that Chevy gets a better idea on how many 2020s they can still produce before closing out the model year in August.

The other elephant in the room that has Corvette buyers uneasy is whether or not Chevrolet will be raising the prices of the mid-engine Corvette for the 2021 model year. It would be a nice gesture if those customers who have sold orders for 2020s will be price-protected on the 2021s, but that also remains to be seen.

As always, try to have patience with your dealers during this time as there are just so many unknowns with when 2020 Corvette production will resume and what the final quantities will be.


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  1. I would hope GM would rollover the the 2020 Sold pending orders to 2021 sold orders with a confirmation from the buyers. The public should expect any vehicles with status codes of 3000 or higher will be built and delivered! I shouldn’t have to have a Vet blog to get a car I ordered in August 2019!

  2. I agree with Arlie. the rollout of the C8 has been a mess. no fault of Gm, but I hope it all gets worked out and we all get our 2020 C8’s. I’m not sure I buy into the panic. in 2017, close to 600,000 people in this country died from cancer. Nobody was hording toilet paper that year.
    I hope GM reopens the factory soon, and they start to build cars again, safely.

  3. I ordered a 2020 Z51 2LT with a few options on 8/15/2019 (when they would finally allow me to), put down my C7 and $27500 and still have heard nothing on it. Not even an order number yet!

  4. This C8 was not the last Corvette I plan to own. If they don’t take care of the assembly line folks we might have to keep our cars as long as they do in Havana!

  5. Loved the above comments, as you all I ordered C8 Torch Red W/Black int.
    Like David I plunked down $20K still holding onto 2015 Z-51 Coupe with 11K miles.
    Guess I will take off the trickle charger and take a spin.
    I ordered 16 Aug 19, have a GM Order Workbench order #, and marked SRE-Retail Sold.
    I think GM will invite me to. a 2021, since I remain 1100 Status.

    Good luck. To all you guys.


  6. I have an order in for a 3LT Convertible that is at 3000 ES . Was told by GM TPW May 11 then June 8 then June 15th. GM does have some responsibility re the strike as there are 2 sides as the UAW has some blame as well. If I am told I’m not getting a car till Aug or Sept. because I would have to store it pretty much right away. I will ask for my deposit back as this whole thing has been a catastrophic rollercoaster since day 1 they have had 4K of my $ since August (not as much as some of you) and at this point I’m loosing interest very fast….after tax my order is over 120K CDN….i’ll go buy something that has already depreciated and is fast n fun for around 80K and save some $$$$ I could possibly get a used C8 in a few years. I think there are just too many signs not to get this very cool car at this time. Sad to say but I gave it a shot to try and get one new and it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me….so I hope you folks get your orders.


  7. Our C8 TPW was 3/23, just missed our car being built when the factory closed, oh well what’s another month. Waited this long, guess we can wait another month. I hope!

  8. I traded in my 2015 C-7 Z51 with 13,000 miles. I put my allocation in when I made the trade in January 9th, 2020. I have a contract of what I traded it in for. Hopefully we get our 2020’s as contracted!!! If Chevrolet doesn’t honor the price that was contracted, then I’m with you. I will get my money back and buy something other than a Chevrolet, because that will be disservice to Corvette owner, who has owned three prior Corvettes! C5, C6 and a C7. I would think that Chevrolet would keep INTEGRITY!!!

  9. Have had 4 vetts, (54, 55, 57, & 91) never waited for any of them!! Sure hope to get my C8 convertible to drive before long as I am now 83!! Otherwise, my wife will just bury me in it!! Had the 54 for 37 years!!


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