Ordering a 2020 Corvette? Here is the Color and Options Timeline for Initial Orders


Ordering a 2020 Corvette? Here is the Color and Options Timeline for Initial Orders

Information from Chevrolet about the initial 2020 Corvette ordering process which covers the first 10+ weeks of production has been released to dealers.

To assist the rollout process, Chevrolet will offer certain colors and select options first, and then every couple weeks it will gradually add a few more until by the 10th week of production, all colors and selected equipment options are included.

As with everything C8-related, Chevrolet has changed the normal ordering process for dealers during the initial rollout of the 2020 Corvette. Dealers have set allocations numbers for the year as well as for the first three months of production. Once a month from September through December, dealers can place orders based on the following criteria while each new month adds to the colors and options offered previously:

September (Weeks 1-2 production)

  • Arctic White, Black, Torch Red, Shadow Gray, Sebring Orange, Ceramic Gray
  • 2LT/3LT – Base
  • 2LT/3LT – w/Magnetic Ride (No Front Lift)
  • 2LT/3LT – w/Front Lift and Magnetic Ride

October (Weeks 3-5 production)

  • Elkhart Lake Blue, Long Beach Red
  • 2LT/3LT – w/Front Lift (No Magnetic Ride)

November (Weeks 6-9 production)

  • Blade Silver, Zeus Bronze, Accelerate Yellow
  • 1LT – w/o Magnetic Ride or Navigation

December (Weeks 10 & beyond production)

  • All Colors Available
  • 1LT – w/Magnetic Ride (no Nav)
  • 1LT – w/Nav (No Magnetic Ride)
  • 1LT – wMagnetic Ride and Nav

Chevrolet is starting with six colors in the first two weeks of production and all of those are upper trim models. We don’t see anything that specifies Z51 so we assume the Performance Package will be orderable from the start.

Don’t freak out over this list if you have a certain combination and it’s falling to November or December. We are talking about the initial three months of production with this order cycle. Production is scheduled to start sometime in December and with a two week Christmas/New Years holiday shut down, and then quality control checks and other validation, the first cars won’t hit dealers until sometime closer to February while cars from November/December will most likely be built in February and March with delivery some 6-8 weeks later.

As always, talk with your dealers about questions you may have with the ordering process. After prices are released next week, most of you with reservations will probably start hearing from dealers to get your orders finalized.

You can also reach out to the Corvette Concierge at 1-866-424-3892 as they can answer many questions about the car and the ordering process.

If you’re looking for more information about ordering a new Corvette, Kerbeck Corvette’s Dave Salvatore provided us with an excellent overview of the 2020 Corvette ordering process. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to take a quick read because much of that info dovetails with this latest information we shared above!


Ordering a 2020 Corvette? Here’s What You Need to Know



  1. Plenty of arguments for a MT, and we’ve all heard every one of the predictable GM responses. It’s a matter of time until someone like Callaway or Lingenfelter gets together with somebody like Tremec and tries it if buyers are willing to pay. I wouldn’t pay for an Aerowagon (as some actually have), but I suspect that a significant demographic would definitely pay for a MT — in spite of all of GM’s arguments and how they “know what’s good for us.”

  2. Due to the chassis design, the c8 will never have a manual option. There is no way short of a redesign to make that happen. Also, only 15 percent Chevrolet customers buy a manual option. No manufacturer is going to produce a manual to serve 15 percent of their market.

  3. And GM is counting on people like Jim, who will always believe everything they tell him, and can regurgitate it perfectly. Well done, Jim!

  4. Am I correct that once you have your order number, there is NOT a website that you can track the status. Only a dealer through the order system can track the status.

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