[VIDEO] Watch the Install of the High Wing on a Base 2020 Corvette (There will be drilling!)


[VIDEO] Watch the Install of the High Wing on a Base 2020 Corvette (There will be drilling!)

Our friend Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti shared a great video on his youtube vlog this week showing his dealer’s Corvette technician Chuck installing a High Wing on a 2020 Corvette Stingray. From unboxing to the final adjustments, you’ll see what it takes to install the optional High Wing on a C8 Corvette without the Z51 package.

For a 2020 Corvette with the Z51 Performance package, it’s just a matter of mounting the optional Highwing in the same locations as the Z51 wing spoiler although you still have to remove the rear fascia. However, without the Z51 package, the technicians doing the PDI on the Corvette actually have to drill into the rear fascia to match up the mounting points.

So if the thought of drilling into a new C8 Corvette makes you queasy, you’ve been warned!

The process does look straight forward and we believe that soon technicians will be able to knock these out quickly once they have a few installs down.

From Rick Corvette Conti via YouTube:

Today’s Upload our Quick Tip showing how to Install the C8 Accessory HIGH WING SPOILER, plus Your Beautiful Rides today


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  1. Not my thing, harder to get things in the trunk too. But I guess it makes the car racier looking. meh

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