[VIDEO] Doug DeMuro Reviews the 2020 Corvette


[VIDEO] Doug DeMuro Reviews the 2020 Corvette

YouTube vlogger Doug DeMuro has built quite a following on the Internet over the years as he’s handed out his exclusive “Doug Scores” on various autos.

He calls the 2020 mid-engine Corvette “the hottest car of the year” and says he has “never gotten so many requests to review any car ever” as the new C8.

In a video just release, Doug takes one of the most detailed looks at the new Stingray we’ve seen so it’s worth sitting through the 37-minute video just in case you’re like us and think you’ve already picked up everything there is to know about the car. For example, I didn’t realize there was a “cigarette lighter” socket hidden under the glove compartment on the passenger’s side until I saw Doug point it out.

[VIDEO] Doug DeMuro Reviews the 2020 Corvette

In case you’re short on time, though, you can skip ahead to the good stuff at the 32:15 mark, where Doug finally begins to drive the car on the street. Be sure to catch the guy in the car next to him as he checks it out at a stoplight at the 35:32 mark.

Doug’s first impression of the 2020 Corvette is that it’s “actually pretty roomy,” even for a guy who’s 6-3 or 6-4 like him as he notes he can actually move the seat back even further than actually required. That’s something tall guys definitely couldn’t do in the C7.

He also brags about the car’s throttle response, torque, and the smoothness of the dual-clutch transmission, calling it “clearly one of the sweeter ones” in any car, and says the interior finally lives up to the price point that the Corvette takes aim at.

[VIDEO] Doug DeMuro Reviews the 2020 Corvette

Cutting to the chase, Doug rates each car that he reviews, with the highest score ever going to a Lamborghini Huracan at 71, Ferrari 488 Spider at 70, and McLaren 720S at 69.

The new Corvette comes in fourth with a 68, despite the fact that it is way, way cheaper than those exotic supercars, and actually ranks ahead of the much higher-priced Porsche 911 Carrera S that managed only a 67.

For perspective, Doug’s Score on the 2019 Corvette ZR1 was a 65, the 2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE a 63, the 2017 Z06 a 62, and the C5 Z06 a 57.

[VIDEO] Doug DeMuro Reviews the 2020 Corvette

In short, Doug calls the new C8 “an unbelievable deal” and says it “lives up to the hype” as being the most hotly anticipated car of the year.

“This is a mid-engine sports car that does 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds, like a McLaren or a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, except this starts at 60 grand!” he says. “This is huge!”

Doug DeMuro / YouTube

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