The National Corvette Museum Is Doing a Major Overhaul on the Performance Gallery


The National Corvette Museum Is Doing a Major Overhaul on the Performance Gallery

Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum this week announced a major remodel of the Performance Gallery, with work slated to be completed by late March, just in time for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony during the annual Michelin NCM Bash April 23-25, 2020.

The remodel is an effort to bring the space into the 21st century “with a design that truly reflects the sleek and stylish nature of America’s favorite sports car.”

Derek Moore, Director of Collections/Curator for the NCM, said the Performance Gallery is one space in the Museum that has been around since its grand opening in 1994.

“In the early days an elevated ‘racetrack’ was in place to give display cars a feeling of motion and being on the grid, but due to difficulties changing out the vehicles, was later removed,” Moore said. “The space has housed an interactive pit crew challenge, educational driving simulator and various artifacts through the years, but now needs more than a refresh. It’s time for an overhaul!”

To come up with ideas for the space, Museum officials met with an exhibit company in 2018, he said.

“We wanted not only a clean look, but also a space that would lend itself to showcasing historic racing videos and stories about each car on display. The concept is to have projection with each car, as well as digital labels that allow visitors to learn more through an interactive experience,” he said. “Rather than remove or paint over the existing racing mural, we will install a secondary wall that keeps it protected and intact behind the scenes.”

The National Corvette Museum Is Doing a Major Overhall on the Performance Gallery

Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

An anonymous private donor is providing the funds for the work and said:

“It’s America’s Sports Car. In terms of car and performance for the money, in large measure, the Corvette street car can hold its own against the top sports car manufacturers around the world. It’s always something the common man can get into. My love of Corvettes carried over from my father. As soon as I could get one, I got one. We have a place that is celebrating the brand, celebrating the marquee, and the huge history of it. Having known there was a time that there was a prospect that the program was going to shut down – it’s almost unfathomable that we are now to the C8. We are to Zora’s dream of having a mid-engine and I’m ecstatic. I hope it will do what GM has been hoping for a long time and that is to bring in younger customers. I think’s it’s really cool we are doing this renovation to the Museum to have something more interactive, to have something the younger people will appreciate and be able to learn how unique Corvette is, and frankly sports car history.”

National Corvette Museum

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  1. “I hope it will do what GM has been hoping for a long time and that is to bring in younger customers.”

    Hopefully, GM can show some stats showing how much of those 40,000 ’20 C8s are heading to the hands of those under 45, maybe even younger.

    It is certainly possible. After all, I see alot of younger guys driving around full size trucks with price tags well over 70K! One of my employees is 26, drives a ’18 Chevy Silverado, loaded, with the full Rough Country kit. Total? From what he showed me, $97K!

    I paid nowhere near that for my ’13 BMW 335is M-Sport (what will be my C8 trade-in)!!

    Who would have thought a Vette was a cheaper option?

  2. Happy Holidays all. I am going to order a new C8 convertible. Thinking about upgrading to the suede interior. They look so nice when new. The question is, how much of an issue is the wear & tear and water staining? I am trying to figure out how great will these seats look in a couple years??? Please can someone who has a suede interior share with me how good the “look” is now that the car has miles on the odometer. Thank you. [email protected]

  3. Its a great place to go see. I have been there two times. First time was opening day. I hope everyone gets a chance to visit the plant and museum.. What a bitchen place.

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