The Corvette Museum Will Now Install the High Wing and Ground Effects During Museum Deliveries


The Corvette Museum Will Now Install the High Wing and Ground Effects During Museum Deliveries

Several months ago, we shared information about the 2020 Corvette High Wing LPO option not being available with your 2020 Corvette when taking R8C Museum Delivery. The high wing option had generated a high level of interest following the reveal of the 2020 Corvette and many had hopes that the National Corvette Museum would be able to install the high wing for R8C delivery.

Thanks to the high level of dedication to their customers, GM and the National Corvette Museum worked together to come up with a solution. While you could always take R8C delivery without the high wing and order it separately for later installation, you can now have the high wing already installed on your 2020 Corvette when you take delivery at the NCM!

“The installs can now be completed as part of the Museum’s PDI process,” said Shane Webb, Manager of the Museum Delivery Department. “Training for our team is a collaborative effort between Bowling Green Assembly Plant and the National Corvette Museum. We are excited to be able to offer this to our customers and appreciate General Motors for working with us to make it happen.”

Previously the installation of wings and aerodynamic rocker panels and spoilers was only provided by dealers and were not available as part of the R8C delivery program.

Corvette buyers with an existing 2020 Corvette Stingray order can contact their dealers to add the R8C Museum Delivery to an order with the High Wing/Ground Effects, and those who planned the R8C delivery can now add the High Wing or Ground Effects to their order.

In an email announcing the news, the National Corvette Museum lists the available options:

  • Ground Effects Kit in Carbon Fiber Painted Carbon Flash Metallic (5W8)
  • Ground Effects Kit in Visible Carbon Fiber (5VM)
  • Ground Effects Kit, Molded in Color (5V7)
  • High Wing Spoiler in Arctic White, Torch Red, Black and Shadow Gray (5ZU)
  • High Wing Spoiler in Carbon Flash Metallic (5ZZ)
  • Rocker Panel Extensions in Carbon Fiber Painted Carbon Flash Metallic (SJI)
  • Rocker Panel Extensions in Visible Carbon Fiber (S6S)
  • Rocker Panel Extensions, Molded in Color (STI)

“We have been rolling out the red carpet to Corvette owners through our Delivery program since September 1, 1995, and in that time welcomed over 12,000 Corvettes through option R8C,” added Shane. “The program offers a true hands-on experience and allows the owner an immersive visit to the home of Corvette. We appreciate all the enthusiasts who decide to spend their special delivery day with us.”

The R8C Museum Delivery is a very special event for Corvette buyers and one not to be missed in our opinion. The option cost is $995 and offers a guided VIP tour of the Museum and the Corvette Assembly Plant (when it comes available), as well as the presentation and orientation of your new Corvette. There are some other neat perks as well which you can see at


Someone asked on Facebook if they would still get the Z51 wing as well when getting the high wing and taking NCM delivery. We asked Shane from the NCM and he said, “Yes, they will have the option of shipping it from here at their expense or transporting it home themselves.” We had written previously that when you order a 2020 Corvette with Z51 plus the High Wing, you get both wings!.

If you have placed a 2020 Corvette order that is already at 3000 status, your dealership may tell you that it’s too late to add R8C Museum Delivery to your order. They may also say that it’s too late to add a high wing to your R8C order. If your dealership is unable to change your order, contact Shane Webb, NCM Delivery Department Manager, directly at (270) 777-4505. Shane is working with GM to assist in adding R8C to orders already at 3000 status as well as in adding the high wing option to existing R8C orders already at 3000 status. Shane recommends that you also notify your dealership when you are making the change.

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  1. Gm needs new people that design these rear spoilers. The high wing spoiler looks almost as bad as the C7 Z06 rear spoiler.

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