[VIDEO] Help Paul Koerner Find New Homes For These Two 2019 Corvettes!


[VIDEO] Help Paul Koerner Find New Homes For These Two 2019 Corvettes!

Our friend Paul Koerner, aka “TheCorvetteMechanic” who is a World Class GM Technician, shared this new video to YouTube where he’s doing something a bit different than his usual Corvette troubleshooting and servicing.

In this new video, Paul is standing in front of the camera and sharing the spotlight with two new 2019 Corvettes for sale at his dealership, Key Chevrolet in Middletown, CT.

These two brand new 2019 Corvettes need new homes for the Spring!

Our GM World Class Technician, Paul Koerner, points out some of the differences in the two. Call Key Chevrolet’s Sales Dept at 860-346-9655 for sales pricing, including dealership discounts & GM incentives.

If you love the Admiral Blue Metallic, you better hurry since 2019 is the last year you will be able to get it! This Grand Sport coupe is an 8-speed paddle shift auto, with victory red fender stripes & matching red calipers.

The Sebring Orange Z06 3LZ Coupe is a 7-speed manual with a satin black stinger hood stripe & a dry sump oil system.

Key Chevrolet in Middletown, CT is offering some significant savings on their two 2019 Corvettes as Paul just mentioned. Let’s take a closer look at those two Corvettes for sale:

2019 Corvette Grand Sport

The 2019 Corvette Grand Sport is featuring an Admiral Blue exterior which was phased out earlier in the model year. An 8-Speed automatic, 2LT equipment package and the Grand Sport Heritage Package all make this the perfect sports car for someone looking to drive a new Grand Sport this summer.

The Admiral Blue Grand Sport has an MSRP of $76,945 and has been marked down to $70,322. Corvette owners may also qualify for a $3000 loyalty bonus as well so check with the dealership to see if you qualify.

2019 Corvette Z06

Also available is this 2019 Corvette Z06 in the very popular Sebring Orange Metallic. The Z06 comes with the 3LZ trim package, a Satin Black hood stinger, black Z06 wheels, and carbon flash badges that offers a nice contrast against the Sebring Orange exterior. The Corvette Z06 is a 7-Speed manual so you know it’s a blast to drive!

The Z06 has an MSRP of $97,060 and has been marked down by $8,172 to $88,888. Again, Corvette owners may qualify for an additional $3000 loyalty bonus but you have to take delivery by May 31st.

For more information on these two 2019 Corvettes for sale, call Key Chevrolet’s Sales Dept at 860-346-9655 and tell them CorvetteBlogger sent you!


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