[VIDEO] Paul Koerner Begins Work on a Leaky C5 Corvette Drivetrain


[VIDEO] Paul Koerner Begins Work on a Leaky C5 Corvette Drivetrain

The popularity of C5s are growing among first time Corvette buyers based on its heady performance capabilities and low price points, and many of the cars we are seeing offered for sale have over 100,000 miles.

Paul Koerner, the GM World Class Technician who works at Key Chevrolet in Middletown, CT has a new video that he posted this morning on his “The Corvette Mechanic” Facebook page about the fifth generation Corvette. This C5 is showing 115K miles on the odometer and his topic of conversation is all about the leaks occurring from the Corvette’s drivetrain.

With the C5 up on the lift, Paul shares the results of his visual inspection of the Corvette’s drivetrain first before opening it up for cleaning and service. Paul promises more videos as he gets into the internals of this C5 Corvette so stay tuned as this looks like an interesting series worth sharing!

From Paul’s Facebook page:

Let’s talk Corvette c5 drivetrain today. How do we know when a leak is present or maybe just residual?? Let’s find out

Here is day 2 of the C5 Leaky Corvette drivetrain project. Paul drops the transmission and rear differential for a closer look at the leaks.

TheCorvetteMechanic / Facebook

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  1. All old cars, with high mileage leak if they sit for say more than 2 or 3 weeks, especially in very cold temps.
    I would wipe off the underside of the motor & trans – i use an old sock on my hand. Then use the car, say once a week or so, & feel underneath with your bare hand for exactly where it’s leaking – could be higher up – oil pressure sender or even a valve cover gasket – if you don’t have any leaks, don’t worry. If it sits longer & leaks, but not much, i would still not bother to fix anything. Make sure you are using high mileage oil too. & preferably non synthetic. & ck fluid levels regularly.

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