[SPIED] C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Acceleration With a Lightning-Quick Gear Shift


[SPIED] C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Acceleration With a Lightning-Quick Gear Shift

I thought the video from yesterday of the C8 Corvette driving on the highway gave us a pretty good sound clip to listen to and I know I’ve watched that video a half-dozen times just to hear it again like a new favorite song.

Thanks to the National Corvette Museum, we have another quick but powerful C8 video to share. This C8 was spotted in Bowling Green (of all places)!

In this short clip, a single C8 Mid-Engine Corvette prototype is again on the other side of the road as it passes by the cameraman. The sound of the C8 in the video is also relatively good and you can hear a “lightning-quick” gear change as it passes by.

Some people have said they are unimpressed with the latest sounds of the C8 Corvettes, which I find kind of ironic since the C8 will be coming with a 6.2L V8 engine with upwards of 40-70 more horsepower than the C7’s LT1.

I hear that exhaust and my mind says “Yep, sounds like a Corvette to me!”

National Corvette Museum and Corvette Nut /YouTube

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  1. If “unimpressed” now, wait until the C8 EV shows up – the loudest noise will be all the whining from the Peanut Gallery. 🙂

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