[VIDEO] Paul Koerner Discusses Cold Weather Shifting With the C7 Corvette’s 8-Speed Auto Transmission


[VIDEO] Paul Koerner Discusses Cold Weather Shifting With the C7 Corvette's 8-Speed Auto Transmission

Here is another informative video from our friend Paul Koerner, aka The Corvette Mechanic, who is a GM World Class Technician known for his Corvette expertise. When not working one of the major Corvette shows, Paul can be found in the service department at Key Chevrolet in Middleton, CT.

In his latest Facebook video, Paul discusses cold weather shifting with the C7’s 8-speed automatic transmission.

8L90 cold weather shifting, why doesn’t it upshift??? Let see why this occurs in Corvette and other vehicles with this transmission

TheCorvetteMechanic / Facebook

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  1. Paul is a legend in my eyes, he can diagnose a problem in about 30 seconds just by listening to the customer’s complaint. If you ever have an opportunity to attend his tech sessions, definitely do it; you will learn the common problems and solutions to your Vette.

  2. John R. Doti Many owners drive in 20 degree weather. As long as the surface is dry, and you are careful, you will be just fine.

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