[STOLEN] 1977 Corvette Stolen From Tennessee Courthouse is Recovered


[STOLEN] 1977 Corvette Stolen From Tennessee Courthouse is Recovered

Photo Credit: smokeybarn.com

Not every stolen Corvette winds up in a chop shop, never to be seen again.

For example, we told you about a white 1977 Corvette that was taken after the owner left the keys inside while he went to visit his insurance agent Monday afternoon in Springfield, Tenn.

Now, Detective Rickie Morris reports to Smokey Barn News that the missing Corvette has been found in a business parking lot in La Vergne, Tenn., about 38 miles south of where it was stolen.

Unfortunately, the news wasn’t all good. David Easter of Huffines Garage in Greenbrier, who has been the mechanic for the Corvette for several years, says the car was damaged during the theft.

Easter says the frame is twisted, the doors are jammed, the fiberglass is cracked, the engine was overheated and blown, and parts have been taken off. The front bumper was torn, the back tires are bald, and even drug paraphernalia was found in the car.

At least the owner will get his Corvette back, however, and La Vergne Police also may have two people of interest in the case. Morris had said Monday that the prime suspect was seen walking around the nearby Robertson County Courthouse around the time of the theft.


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