[STOLEN] Two People Arrested After 1963 Corvette Sting Ray is Recovered in Montana


[STOLEN] 1963 Corvette Sting Ray is Recovered in Montana

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That big sigh of relief you heard Thursday afternoon could have come from Glenn and Becky Nelson after their 1963 Corvette convertible was recovered safe and sound by the Lewis & Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Helena, Montana.

Great job, guys!

The Nelsons had reported their Daytona Blue Sting Ray missing on Monday morning after the car and the trailer it was in at a storage facility were gone.

Sheriff Leo Dutton said Thursday evening that two arrests have been made in the theft, with Christina Burningham, 23, of Helena charged with felony theft and Phillip Borsberry, 31, charged after a traffic stop with felony theft and possession of stolen property in connection with the case.

Two deputies spotted the Corvette and the trailer at a home near a fishing access site on Thursday morning.

[STOLEN] Two People Arrested After 1963 Corvette Sting Ray is Recovered in Montana

Interestingly, officers at the scene also found another cargo trailer that had been stolen from the Helena Police Department and other items possibly taken during other burglaries.

The good news is that the car was not damaged during the theft, though the trailer was altered to try and hide its identity.

Unfortunately, the Nelsons won’t be getting the car back immediately.

“We will be told by the County Attorney’s office when we can return it because it has been officially entered as stolen, so when the County Attorney releases it, then we’ll release it,” the sheriff said.

Mr. Nelson had spent years restoring the car, according to his wife.

“My husband took every nut, bolt, part completely off the car and cleaned it, restored it, as much as he could,” she told a KTVH reporter.


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  1. Good job to the cops who found and apprehended these two scumbag pieces of shit! Sad part is they will maybe serve a little time so they can go right back to stealing. In all reality they should die fucking screaming! This way justice will certainly be served, but there are assholes out there who think they shouldn’t die and that’s its ok to steal after they serve a little time. If they’re dead they can never do it again go ahead and argue that.

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